Top 10 Best Extratorrents proxy Mirror Sites


ExtraTorrent (which is popularly abbreviated as ET) was an online index of entertainment media and software which facilitates peer to peer (p2p) file sharing among users of the BitTorrent protocol. It was a great torrent website which helps one download movies, software, games and TV series in HD quality. The design is amazing and it is very easy to use. It is a commercial website launched in 2006 that generates its revenue through advertisements and donations. ExtraTorrent enables one to search any movie, TV series etc. and download it in good quality absolutely free of cost. It also allows visitors to contribute magnet links and torrent files. Earlier there were two sites that stood out from others namely extratorrent and kickass. The extratorrent became the world’s second largest torrent site after The Pirate Bay after the demise of kickass. There are many extratorrent proxy sites available to access different files so that one can download movies, games, software, music etc. without even paying a penny. A downloader and an internet connection is all that is required.

extratorrents proxy
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However, there is one primary concern here and that is that most of the ExtraTorrent websites are banned in many countries. The reason behind this is that this website promotes piracy and so, the government of many countries or ISPs have blocked these websites. The extratorrent serves a variety of pirated content, songs, software, modelled materials to name a few and that largely affects the revenue of the content creator and so many governments decided to ban extratorrent.

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Well, if you love extratorrent, then there is absolutely no need to feel disheartened even if it is banned in your country or by your ISP because that is where Extratorrent proxy or Extratorrent Mirror site comes to your rescue. The Extratorrent mirror site is the website which is basically a clone website of extratorrent but with some other domain name. The content included in the Extratorrent mirror site is exactly the same as that of Extratorrent. Extratorrent proxy is not the only one but there are a lot of them. Therefore, if the main domain name of Extratorrent is banned in your country and you are unable to open it, then you can opt for the Extratorrent proxy or an Extratorrent mirror site, that’ll be helpful in such a scenario. Having access to content using an Extratorrent mirror, makes it difficult to stop piracy. Extratorrent unblocked many files in order to allow people to use the site free of cost. Also, it releases new content every day for the access of the users and visitors.

One can easily unblock Extratorrent using any of the following Extratorrent proxies and mirror sites:

Working of the ExtraTorrent

Extratorrent has now started encrypting their content in order to prevent proxy sites to furnish access to their content. As a result of this encryption policy of ExtraTorrent 90% of the proxy sites became unusable.

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Fortunately, this is still online after bans in many countries which is considerably one of the best and largest Bit Torrent systems.

In spite of the encryption policy of Extratorrent, the below-given proxies are usually working. At present this is the only viable alternative for the main extratorrent website which has been turned down by authorities. So use these links to satisfy your urges of downloading conveniently.

10 Best Extratorrent Proxy Mirror Sites and Proxies







Extratorrent started encrypting their content in order to prevent proxy sites to provide access to their content. This has made most of the proxy sites non-functional. However, the above mentioned proxy sites are working well. This is the only viable alternative presently for the main extratorrent site that has been taken down by authorities. Also, fortunately, it is one of the considered best and largest BitTorrent system which is still online after bans in many countries.

It is almost impossible to ban extratorrent mirror sites and extratorrent proxy servers because the site is just acting as a relay between the extratorrent servers and the downloaders. If you’re unable to access the extratorrent site, the use extratorrent mirror to access the site. Even when the government of a country issues notice to certain servers, other servers will work without any hindrances. There are not many differences between the different servers except the speed of data transmission and the ping rate.

Tip for the downloaders/users:

Stay away from fake extratorrent websites and clones that oftentimes seem to be original, so don’t be the rat of their trap. There are a lot rumors and fake news that are creating a lot of chaos among people, that extratorrent has been shut down permanently and proxies will not be working from now on or all the data has been erased completely. However there is still no exact, precise and reliable news regarding the extratorrent websites and its proxies. Nothing has been clearly specified till the date.