What is the minimum investment to start a chemist shop?

investment to start a chemist shop

Pharmaceutical market is one of the highly emerging market in India. It has grown over @20 percent approximately. Thus, setting up pharmacy i.e. chemist shop is a good business idea. Even if, you are connected with or a part of the distribution chain to this business, you are good to go.

And It is very important to bring this to your keen knowledge that even if, you are opting to be a part of distribution chain to this vary business you must own drug license. As sale, purchase and even distribution is prohibited without drug license as per Indian laws. Dealing without license is a punishable offence.

Now question arises, how much investment you need to start up Pharmacy?

It may require high investment but it also depend upon the scale you are starting it. Here, are some example to settle the issue, how much investment you need to put in are;

  1. Suppose you set up with rented shop, commercial rent shall be from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month or also depend upon shop location.
  2. You may also need, full time working hand that will cost between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12,000 per month.

Above mentioned are regular monthly expenses. There are shall also be one time investments which are as follows;

  1. Furniture and other fittings will cost you around Rs. 30,000.
  2. Refrigerator to store deep freeze medicine will cost you around Rs. 10,000.
  3. All legal paper work will cost you around Rs. 6,000.
  4. A software for assessment of inventories and billing.
  5. Other expenses will add upto Rs. 15,000.

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Remember that all above mentioned expenses may vary to the scale of the business. As per which it may total cost:-

Monthly expenses: Rs. 20K to Rs.40K

Assets: Rs. 60K to Rs. 75K

Investment in stock i.e. medicine may differ from seller to seller and medium of payment. As one may offer exciting discounts and credit facilities also. To sum up, you need stock worth Rs. 50K to 1 Lakh at start.

Following is query related to investment. Hope it may help in settling the thoughts in your head:-


A Doctor working in a reputed medical college. And his wife is a gynaecologist and she is in a private sector. They want to start their own pharma business.  They want to have a product packing form from a reputed firm and they want to sell in their own name. They need gelidness in following point.

  • Do we have to form a company for that?
  • Where to find perfect manufacture for your need?


You can start your own pharma business as it is good business ideas. Let solve the aboce query as ask. and know top online pharmacy India

  1. Do we have to form a company for that?

To start work with your company name, you have to start your own marketing company. Or in other words, you can start your own pharma business by taking franchise or marketing at the particular areas. But with the 12 to 15 lakhs, you can start with your own pharma marketing company.

  1. Where to find perfect manufacture for your need?

You are a doctor and prescribe a medicines. You have a better knowledge which product is good in quality and efficacy. Product which you prescribe to your patient will have manufacture address. Even the multinational company like lupin, cadila are also manufactured their product from three party. See the address of the manufacture on strip or box, you trust most. You can wasily find the manufacture on the internet. Contact them and finalize the deal.

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