This Eid, Forget And Forgive, This Lovely Ad. Seen By 10 Million People


NEW DELHI: Ek chota sa word hai… Thodi himmat karo aur bol daalo,” a wife tells her husband, urging him to gather up the courage to say one small word. What follows is her husband calling up former bosses, old friends, long-forgotten acquaintances and more, just to say sorry on the occasion of Eid. A detergent brand’s latest ad celebrates the spirit of the festival with its theme ‘Saare mael dho daalo‘ – only this time, they’re talking about ‘mann ki mael‘ or the things that prick at your conscience.

eid 2017

With over 10 million views in just ten days, their ad on the festival of Eid-al-Fitr has certainly struck a chord with the audience. It brings together people of different faiths and backgrounds, all happy to forget past misunderstandings and enjoy Eid together.

Iss Eid saare mael dho daalo… Ek sorry hi to hai, bol daalo!” the ad ends with this beautiful piece of advice. Watch the full video below:

“Lovely video,” writes a commenter on YouTube. Another agrees, “Awesome advertisement.”

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