Easy Ways to Earn Free Paytm Cash


There is no-one alive on earth who doesn’t want to earn good money without making much efforts and when you can earn for free, it feels like direct god blessings. As it could only happen with miracles that only god can play not common people like us. But with budding technologies this miracle is not much of dream now.

free paytm cash

Yes, you read it right platform like Paytm is offering people cash in their Paytm wallets for free which they can use for recharges, bill payments or making digital payments and it is also possible to transfer the funds to your bank accounts while offering small tax deduction on transferring amount. There is deduction of 3% on total amount you transfer to bank account. You can earn Paytm cash for free while sitting back at home.

Now, you all have one question in mind i.e. How to get free paytm cash. Don’t worry, we are providing you with the answer or tricks that will help you earn unlimited free Paytm cash.

5 tricks to get free Paytm cash are listed below:

1. Earn unlimited free Paytm Cash via Watching Ads and Videos

Many people won’t believe that anyone can learn by watching videos online but it is in fact that you can earn free Paytm cash via watching Ads and videos online.

Now, you all may be searching for videos that will give you Paytm cash for free. Don’t rush, there are many applications available on play store that will help you get free Paytm cash.

The application that may help you are listed below:

  • Ladoo App

Ladoo is the platform that offers social media marketing for free as when you download ladoo app on your smartphone there will be several task has to be performed by you and on their completion you may on some Paytm cash for free. The task you have to perform includes watching videos, sharing stuff or installing other apps with provided link on ladoo app. You can earn by referring lodoo app to your fellow friends.

  • Cash Panda

Cash panda is the another platform that offer free Paytm cash for completing certain task that may include watching videos or downloading other applications from the link provided in the app. The application cash panda uses the tagline, ‘where money rains’. I hope you all understood from the tagline that what cash panda can do for you.

  • Slide app

It is easy from all other applications that may help you earn free Paytm cash as this application offers you unlimited Paytm money by sliding into the application. It offers fixed amount of cash for one unlock into application.

2. Earn free Paytm cash while playing Games

There are many applications available on playstore or app store that help you earn free Paytm cash by playing games on their platforms. The games applications that may help you on are as follow:

  • Fruit tosser
  • Bulb smash
  • Battle of dot
  • Bat2win

3.Fill Surveys or give Reviews to Earn Paytm Cash

There are many companies that uses platform like Paytm for filling up the forms or surveys for their website. The concept is quite interesting as you can earn free Paytm cash for giving you opinion on certain website. The people who love to comment on others will be highly rewarded as this platform provide free Paytm cash for filling up the paid surveys or questionnaires that may help the company to make positive changes in their portals.

  • Panel station

It is user friendly mobile applications that initiate surveys and give a chance to earn rewards for the same. All you have to do is earn points for filling survey forms. The minimum points you need to redeem are 3000.

  • Daily cash app

It is the application that avails free Paytm cash to thosewho fills the surveys for the companies that provide them with free Paytm cash. Not only you can earn through filling up the questionnaires or surveys but you can also on through sharing referral codes on social media.

4. Earnings through Promo codes.

Paytm is the platform that have pool of promo codes available that will give you cashback for doing certain two charges are paying bills. Similarly, it also provides easy cash earnings through applying promo codes. The types of promo code available on Paytm are as follows:

  • You can on flat rupees 10 cashback instantly by applying codes like ADD10 while transferring funds from bank account to PayTM wallet.
  • You can also on 50% Paytm cash as cash back while you purchase Parle hide and seek action from grocery available on Paytm.
  • There is a possibility that you me on 100% cashback on purchase from burger King is when you order from food delivery app like Zomato. It is very common and user family app available today that gives you cashback while you also consume their services as food.
  • You can earn flat rupees 60 buy ordering pizzas from Pizza Hut India’s favourite restaurant that of a delicious pizza on reasonable prices and it is like a cherry on the top that Paytm is offering cashback on purchase of such delicious food item.

5. Earn Paytm Cash through Referral Programs

There are many platforms available online that provide Paytm cash for free as you download their applications from the provided link in several other apps. It is like social media marketing strategy followed today by many for promoting their products. The platform applications that use search social media marketing strategy are as follows:

  • Lenskart
  • Qrumble box
  • Extra carbon
  • Newsdog
  • Free paisa

All you have to do is download this application and apply the promo codes as directed to you when your guided to download such application.

Make maximum use of this applications for earning free Paytm cash as these platforms are providing cash for their benefits but also benefiting you all out there. It is the best way to earn easy money when you are doing nothing and from nothing I mean people who always search for a shortcut to on but end up earning nothing. This is the platform where you can earn small amount in big quantity which may help or support your livelihood as you can use this money for recharges or paying utility bills.

Hope you all make good use of these tricks for earning free Paytm cash online.