What is Halaplay?


Halaplay is fantasy sport game platform that provide people an opportunity to win some cash reward online by participating in various leagues that are played on daily basis in reality at international or domestic circuits which includes several sports like cricket, football, tennis and kabbadi. All you have to do is form your dream team from the players available on board. It is not possible to choose best player all the time as it is not predicted that search player will perform every time you choose. Your winnings depend upon your predictions. Thus, where this game is highly rewarded it is also highly disappointing for someone who may lose all the time you play on it. It is not fact that you win all the time. There is high degree of risk involved in such online fantasy games but higher the risk higher the profit. Therefore, people don’t back out easily when they loose.


Halaplay fantasy app was founded in 2016 having its base in Bangalore, India. The founders swapnil and saurav has given a new vision to illegal betting system and prepared a platform that is legal in every term and works on real sports matches at the same time. They have provided its use on web and mobile application as well. The application Halaplay has managed to raise 2 lakhs users in small time.

How to enroll or sign up?

Now you all must be clear with the concept of Halaplay fantasy sports game. Therefore, it is time to reveal the process to sign up at Holaplay. It is very easy to enroll on fantasy sports app while following easy steps that are listed below:

  • Starting from scratch if you wish to play on halaplay, you have to download halaplay app on your smartphone or go on website.
  • Halaplay APK is easily available on Google when you type halaplay apk for free.
  • After you have completed halaplay application download you must register yourself with fantasy sport game as you do with other apps too when you use them for the first time.
  • It is very easy to register yourself with halaplay as it will direct you with the steps to be followed for playing are participating in fantasy sports game. The register page on application and web provides option to register yourself via Facebook, Google or register yourself with valid email id.
  • After the registration you can choose from the sports available add fantasy sport games and participate in league you wanted to.
  • You can win up to 50 lakh rupees daily by playing fantasy cricket and football sports on Hola play.

What is DFS?

DFS stands for daily fantasy sports. It is traditional fantasy sports games where players compete against another player by forming a team of professional athletes from pool of athletes available on board in a particular league or competition playing under a salary cap. After choosing all forming a team from pool and particpation in fantasy games you earn points on basis of athletes performances in games played in real world i.e. cricket, football or kabbadi.

How scoring is done?

There are different rules setup in Hola play app for different sports format as they use different calculating methods to calculate the fantasy score of a player that depends upon the performance of the athlete in real world matches which are not at all fantasy games. You can check your point score on your app or web by visiting the page that shows all the leaves you have joined in recent times.

Is DFS legal in India?

DFS is totally legal fantasy game in India as it holds exemption from public gambling act of 1867 as this fantasy sports game uses the skills and players of different sports that are not directly related to this fantasy games. But there are States in India that does not have the provision to participate in fantasy game on Hala play as due to some state rules they cannot participate in such games. The States that are not involved in DFS are state of Assam, Odisha and Telangana.

Who can play on halaplay?

Any resident of India but not from state of Assam Orissa and Telangana can participate or play on a lovely as they are bounded under certain rules which guides them not to play or participate in paid leagues even on fantasy sports games but they are exempted to participate in free leagues.

What type of sports available on halaplay?

Halaplay covers sports like cricket football and kabaddi. In cricket fantasy games it allows the user to participate in ODI, Tests, T20 international matches and some domestic leagues. Halaplay also covers EPL, La Liga, ISL, Champions trophy or world cup matches in football.

How can users on money?

Users who are registered on halaplay can choose from pool of legaues available online but results depends upon the game played in real world by the athletes. If your dream team in fantasy sports games managed to earn enough points that your points are more than fellow registered users participated in fantasy games. It is simple if your points are higher among other team participated in the contest, you won and earn real money which is transferred into your bank account.

You can download Hola play app from the link provided below.

download Hola play app