Top 10 – Best Home Theater Projector Reviews

home theater projector

Over the past year, the criteria for the concept of a better projector for a home theater have changed significantly, new trends and a familiar order of leaders have undergone noticeable changes.

The main competitors are new relatively inexpensive laser and 4K UHD projectors. Naturally, the prices of new products were not so affordable as to immediately turn them into the best and most popular home theater projectors, but they gave rise to the insidious idea that in a year or two this will necessarily happen.

Such a seductive prospect called into question the need to pay extra for long-lived LED light sources and sharply raised the shares of traditional lamp projectors.

They are cheaper, brighter, and the lamp life of 4000-6000 hours is enough for a couple of years to wait for the low-cost inexpensive 4K-future.

Manufacturers of lamp projectors have caught this trend beforehand and managed to offer the market good inexpensive models.

It was these projectors that took the first three positions on the list of the best. The price reduction was achieved by getting rid of the HDMI / MHL input, horizontal correction of the trapezoid, powerful speakers.

As for other trends in the development of home projectors, it can not be said that they somehow greatly weakened.

The customers still want the projector to be lightweight, bright, inexpensive, with easy access to Internet TV, possessed an ultra-short focus, seductive in its convenience. Below we provide you reviews of the TOP 10 projectors for  a home theater.

The projector with full immersion effect: Epson EH-TW610

Lowering the price, Epson managed to keep in this model the possibility of horizontal projector  shift from the center of the screen, HDMI / MHL input, USB-display function, built-in USB-player, added the option of Wi-Fi connection to the projector directly or through LAN. Projector EH-TW610 – the new trump card Epson in the youngest class Full HD models for home theaters.

The most energy-saving and convenient: Acer H6517ABD

In the list of the best Acer projectors have always won due to the price, and now to this important advantage was added almost perfect factory color adjustment.

This projector is created by the formula “HDMI + Full HD + good color rendering + good price”.

Overview of the projector Acer H6517ABD – the price-leader of the junior segment of Full HD models for home theaters. Acer H6517ABD – a new contender for leadership in the class of budget Full HD projectors for home theaters.

Technologies Eco Projection and Extreme Eco provide high environmental friendliness, allowing you to reduce power consumption by 70%.

The Acer ePower Management program allows you to personalize the projector’s energy-saving settings, harmoniously combining the projector’s economy and ease of use.

The most intuitive user interface: BenQ W1050

The international standard HDTV, the conformity of which guarantees the most accurate color rendering and allows the viewer to see the film exactly as the director intended it.

Thanks to a specially calibrated 6-speed RGBRGB color wheel, the W1050 can reproduce colors with an accuracy of 96% of the Rec standard. 709, that is, accurately preserving the color reproduction of the original image.

Affordable Full HD 3D-projector for home: Epson EH-TW5650

This projector has everything that models for home cinemas, including diaphragms and interpolation frames, are proud of.

Also, it’s main advantages includes: a lens with a large optical zoom, the ability to install on the side of the screen, built-in USB-player, a powerful speaker, Wi-Fi connection (direct and through LAN), 3-matrix design.

Ultra-short focus LED projector: LG PF1000U

Since its inception, this ultra-short focus projector has moved the fastest to the title of the best, thanks to its unique lens, LED light source and unique rich functionality.

Moreover, everyone has almost come to terms with the fact that it costs a little more than lamp projectors. Unexpectedly, the road to the stellar glory of this model was passed by its creator, LG, which released an even more perfect model with a laser light source.

Everything would be great, but the price went up to $ 2000, and naturally, to get used to it, and the laser twin PF1000U get the title of the best, it will take some time.

The best portable projector: LG HF80JS

LG HF80JS has Full HD resolution, weighs only 2 kg, is equipped with built-in acoustics, USB-player, the ability to connect to external acoustics via Bluetooth and fiber, armed with an advanced Internet TV broadcasting system webOS has a full brightness of 2000 lm, not inferior to this parameter better tube projectors and winning them 10 times the lifetime of the light source.

The projector deserves special attention, because it is a well-known LG Magic Remote, which takes place in the world of consumer electronics as an independent original and outstanding phenomenon. In essence, it is a very convenient wireless mouse, the movement of which is carried out by tracking the movement of the hand and does not require pressing or rotating special buttons.

In addition to all of the above, absolutely outstanding in terms of ease is the connection to the projector from phones and tablets.

Personal experience of communication with the projector at the show showed that it without a hitch takes and in excellent quality reproduces the retransmission of the phone video from YouTube, not to mention the playback of files from the phone itself or video from its camera.

The high performance and stylish appearance: BenQ W2000+

In BenQ’s home theater product lineup, this is the most outstanding model and it would be the first in this listing, but this is hampered by BenQ’s strategy, which believes that inexpensive models can lose expensive in a set of convenient functions, but not in image quality.

After that, it’s challenging to convince yourself that a 60% difference in price is justified by a frame interpolation processor, a large zoom, a lens shift, a horizontal offset during installation, and remarkable acoustics. If all of the above is important and necessary for a particular, and not a generalized buyer, then yes – this is the best projector.

Benq W2000 + the first projector for home theaters with the automatic reassignment of speakers.

The optimal solution for any usage scenarios: LG PF1500G

This is the older model in the minibeam lineup, which is made up of compact LED projectors. It is also quite small, only 22 cm in length and 13 cm in width, however, judging by its characteristics and capabilities, it should be ranked among the “adult” cinema theatrical models.

It uses a standard 0.65 ‘DLP chip with non-tilted micromirrors and an “honest” Full HD resolution, that is, 1920×1080 pixels. The design of the case, optical system and a set of video inputs are made on the basis of a normal installation, and not a “hands-on” projection, like a gadget of similar projectors.

Only the external power supply unit connects this model with the army of compact low-power devices of the past, but it was made so clearly not for the showy miniaturization of the case, but for a completely common reason – to improve cooling and, accordingly, to reduce the noise of ventilation.

Turn your living room into personal multiplexer with Acer H6517ST

Acer company presents the projector Acer H6517ST with many interesting features. Novelty supports the resolution of FullHD and the 3D function.

In this case, 3D can be used not only to watch the video, but also for games. The contrast is 10,000: 1, and the brightness is 3000 ANSI lumens. Diagonal images can reach 7.62 meters.

The dimensions of the Acer H6517ST are 31.4 x 9.3 x 22.3 cm with a weight of 2.5 kg. The projector can operate in several modes, which wear out the lamp in different ways. Normal mode – up to 4000 hours of operation, ECO mode – up to 6000 hours and Extreme ECO – up to 8000 hours.

The ultra-short throw projection: LG PH450UG

He is the only one who comes to the rescue, when there is no time to watch the entire film without getting up from his favorite chair and have to combine with dinner, rest, physical education, home chores.

Usually in such cases, use a tablet or phone, but it is fully possible to replace them for viewing the film only PH450UG. He has a battery, loud acoustics, LG PH450UG can connect to the home or Internet storage of movies via Wi-Fi or play them from a USB flash drive or a phone.

A screen for it is any free area of ​​the wall or furniture surface, and there is always a place to put it, because it is an ultra-short focus.

In extreme cases, you can just  put it on the back of the table and the table will become a screen. Most of all captivating is that almost in any lighting in the house you can always get an image of good brightness, by merely pushing the projector a couple of centimeters closer to the wall.

As a conclusion what we want to say that  the amount of emotion that a projector is capable of giving you is not compared to even the largest and most expensive TV. You will never get the same feeling as in a movie theater, with a TV!