How Bloggers and Influencers are Changing the Search Marketing


SEO marketing initially relied heavily on keywords that could trick algorithms in search engines into producing results of their pages higher up than others. This, however, soon became a rather big issue and Google’s Penguin Update was launched to combat it.

How Bloggers and Influencers are Changing the Search Marketing

Penguin Update

Google’s Penguin Update was launched to make sure that websites and blogs that were spamming search results to gain traffic, and those that had bought links or got links from link networks to boost their content, would not be able to monopolize search engine results pages. This update was able to spot out websites and web content that aimed at tricking search engine algorithms and ensured that only sites with a lot of organic traffic and good quality content would come up in the first few pages of the search engine’s search results.

A new age for Search Marketing

As a result of this, the focus for website and content creators shifted from keyword use to ensure that their content and website were of good quality. However, everyone soon picked up on the fact that blogging was integral to the promotion of their content, which is why blogging is now a significant part of Search Marketing strategies.

Bloggers and Social Media Influencers have been known to directly impact consumers and their purchasing patterns and online traffic directions. With the advent and extreme prevalence of affiliate links, Bloggers and Social Media Influencers are not only able to try out new things in PR packages, but also promote these things and websites by sharing links with their fans and followers.

Bloggers and more traffic

The blogger community, on a global level, is incredibly interconnected. If your content and blogs are good, then bloggers will share it on their respective online platforms of choice and ensure that a lot more people look at this content.

Another great way to get into the blogging community is by requesting or purchasing guest blogs on the websites of Bloggers. This ensures that strong backlinks to your own pages and web-content is accessible by the audience of these Bloggers, which automatically boosts your Search Engine ratings. This increased traffic is a great way for your content to be rated better and also generate revenue.

Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers are people who have a more than average follower rate and produce content for their audience. This could include Makeup and Beauty bloggers, YouTubers, people with Facebook Pages with thousands of followers and likes, or even businesses and entertainers etc. These individuals often have a lot of power over their audience members, especially if these people are in the business of recommending and reviewing places and products. Since they have this power, they also directly influence the purchasing power of the audience members.

According to VM Interactive, Some brands like to use Social Media Influencers in their campaigns, such as cosmetics manufacturer Morphe using Jaclyn Hill to create an empire of Jaclyn Hill products, that is, by far, its most popular makeup line. Brands have also started sponsoring Social Media Influencers just to get shout-outs online from them. Even something as simple as a shout-out can direct a lot of traffic towards the website or product being mentioned. New brands can especially use this technique because it allows them to build brand awareness on a global level. Even if the reviews are average, having someone with millions of followers say their name online is enough for a lot of brands.

At this point, brands often send these Social Media Influencers PR packages filled with a few trinkets, their products, a note of appreciation, and sometimes even food. The objective is to get them to showcase these PR packages on their social media, which results in a lot of traffic for these websites and brands.

Why bloggers and Influencers?

Even though review websites exist, people do not trust those as much as they might trust someone that they have been following for a long time and someone who they think they already know. This level of trust cannot be achieved in any other way, which is why brands look towards using Social Media Influencers and Bloggers to market their brand and their products. Influencer recommendations are the best way to gain organic and healthy traffic.

A Guide

For brands that are just starting, navigating through this world can often be rather tiresome and overwhelming. For that very reason, companies and websites such as HealthyLinks offer services from link building, to content marketing, and even through introductions with Bloggers and Social Media Influencers. For new brands or brands wanting to expand regarding their online presence, websites such as HealthyLinks can prove to be a miracle.