How to Stem Startup Stress


Starting up a new business can be thrilling, but it can also be stressful. As your business plan progresses, you may end up dealing with an unending stream of networking events, fundraising plans, and even people management. All of which takes quite a lot of energy and effort. Of course, it’s all to help further your dream goal of being an amazing entrepreneur who founded the next popular business.

Stem Startup Stress

But it won’t matter if your stress overwhelms you before you get to fully realize your entrepreneurial dream. So what you need are ways to stem the tide of startup stress, and here are three that could help.


First of all, consider the simplest stress relief available: meditation. It helps you focus your thoughts away from stressful scenarios and keeps your thoughts firmly on the present state of things, promoting self-awareness. Eventually, it can lead you to feel at peace with your own thoughts.

The common image that this method brings to mind is someone sitting somewhere with their eyes closed, which may seem like a waste of time to you. But while that is a common meditation pose, it requires very little of your time to accomplish. And there are many other forms of meditation available!

To see which one works best for you, try the following forms of meditation:

  • Spiritual If you happen to be religious, spiritual meditating can be a time where you connect to your religion in a quiet, self-reflective manner. This form of meditating can even involve silent, spoken, or chanted prayer.
  • Mindfulness To mindfully meditate, find somewhere comfortable to sit, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. This meditation helps you be more aware of how you and your body feel and the importance of resting.
  • Movement This meditation is all about staying in movement. It can include walking, yoga, or even tai chi. And as you move, you’re encouraged to think in the present moment and maintain awareness of everything around you during that time.
  • Focused For this meditation, you’ll concentrate on one task exclusively. This allows you to really admire the big and small details of that activity while avoiding the feeling of a scattered mind and distraction.
  • Visualization With visualization meditation, you imagine something that brings to mind a specific feeling or quality to help distance your thoughts from negativity and to feel some peace.

Stay active

Another easy way to de-stress is through physical activity. Exercising can help lower your body’s stress levels, and it also encourages your body to create endorphin, a chemical that greatly improves your feelings of relaxation and optimism. So whenever you have the time outside work, start moving around! Think of activities you’d enjoy like walking, swimming, or biking. And whatever your fitness interest, try it out! And enjoy the uplifting feel of a fitness routine.

Go to your doctor if the stress worsens

If none of these other de-stressing methods are working and you feel your stress getting worse, it’s time to go to the doctor. While you’ve done your best, chronic stress can lead to more severe issues like depression, which really requires help from a professional. So visit your doctor, and give them a good idea of your medical history (if necessary) and your concerns.

In response, your doctor may consider your condition severe enough to warrant pharmaceutical assistance from prescription medication like bupropion.

As a savvy businessperson, you likely don’t want to spend your hard-earned money unnecessarily. And prescription medication can seem extravagant due to the high prices in the United States. But if you visit an online international or Canada drug center like Canadian Med Center, you can order your prescription medication for a very affordable price. That’s because these centers allow you to order from licensed pharmacies that are outside the United States where prescription prices are typically cheaper.

Whatever you do, just don’t let stress take over your business.