Top 11 Indian Watch Brands (Complete list)

indian watch brands

Watches are one of the most important part of a person’s Lifestyle nowadays as it tells more about the status of person then showing the time. Most people does not have quite a good knowledge of of good quality watches that are sold in India and want to know more about them. There are plenty of good manufacturers who which Delivers quality products to their customers at reasonable prices.

If a person wants to you look at the time we can simply have a look on his smartphone but a watch helps in elevating a person’s personality by giving a spark ok in his complete dress. Different type of watches represents different type of personality. Suppose if you have a G Shock watch then it will represent that you are quite a sport person or you might be and college. If you wear a digital watch it will represent that you are a cool kid. If you are are wearing a good quality analogue watch with metal strap with the suit then it will represent that you are a professional person who is very busy and values time.

This is how different type of watches can represent different personality of a person. There are many manufacturers who in India who provides different type of watches. Here we are with the list of 11 top brands of watches in India which will help you to gain more knowledge about them.

List of 11 best watch brands in India –

1. Casio


It should not come with surprise to most of the people as casio is one of the most popular brands in India when it comes to watches. It is a very popular brand and it has been in India for ages.

This is a company based in Japan and there are various different type of electronic products offered by this company in the Indian market. But the most popular product that the sell in India is their casio watches.

There are many different type of concepts which are introduced in their watches such as the connecting the watch with your smartphone and this is the first company which did launch the atomic solar watch with GPS.

The style of watches that they have is very different from all the other watches that are available in the market.

They are very popular in young generation and is there digital watches sells the most. You can definitely go for their watches if you are a person who loves digital watches or if you are on the other side.

2. Titan


Titan is an Indian brand which provides their customers high quality watches at a price which is very affordable as well. There watches are loved in India because they have something for everyone whether you want to gift a watch on a wedding reception or you want to gift someone a watch on the 18th birthday, they have it all.

They have around 300 retail stores which are spread all over the country and they are one of the most trusted brands when it comes to watches. This company was launched in 1984 in collaboration with the TATA Group and also with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation.

They have a wide variety of watches to offer to their customers and they are the fifth largest manufacturers in. the world

This is a brand which is very famous and it is admired all across the country. Different collections are launched each and every year to join their list.

3. Citizen


Their watches are one of the most beloved in this country and they have one of the best watches to offer in Indian market. There watch is the slimmest and also where the first one to introduce voice recognition and also the very first introduce timepiece to dive with an electronic sensor for depth measurement.

Each and every watch that the offer is it true Masterpiece and looks almost perfect advanced. These are the watches which will help you to you to add a perfect look in your personality to which everyone will be attracted.

Citizen has a watch called as Eco drive satellite f100 at which is able to give you the satellite time and it doesn’t matter in what time zone you are and you will be surprised to know that it only takes three seconds for this watch to do that.

4. Timex


Timex is also one of the most popular watch manufacturers in India. Timex is one in all the biggest watch manufacturers within the world. They’re a global brand that was established in the year 1854 and it created a massive change within the Indian men’s watches section too.

It is illustrious for his or her digital watches in Asian nation. It offers quality products to their customers who do vary from an oversized watch to a totally different watch and they have something for everybody.

The product vary of Timex is innovative because it boasts of designer look at the side of the newest technology.

The other well-liked brands of the Times group are the Helix, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo.

Owning a Timex watch could be a matter of pride for Indian men these days and for this reason, it happens to be one in all the most effective commercialism brands within the country.

5. Omega


They are best recognized because they are the leading producer of the sports watches on a worldwide level.

They are additionally preferred by the Indian Audience and is regarded for its luxury watches. People that own an Omega watch tend to not divert from this whole within the future.

It is one amongst the oldest brands within the world that was introduced in the year 1848

They are most of all revered for their leading edge technology, which does supply them high exactness.

The James Bond franchise has used Omega watches in several of its movies and so, the franchise has earned abundant of the celebrity it enjoys these days.

If the value isn’t any issue, men will decide amongst the variants like Constellation, Speedmaster, Deville and Seamaster.

6. Maxima


6th on our list of the most effective Watch Brands in India arrives Maxima. They manufacture designer formal watches for both the men and ladies. There’s conjointly a special couple assortment. This is often the explanation why couples like Maxima once it involves gifting a fine looking gift to their beloved.

You will be able to find these watches in almost each and every watch store in India and on the internet also.

7. Rolex


Featuring next on this list of top brands of watches in India we also have luxury watch brands in India such as Rolex, which has a hole with a completely world fan following.

Rolex could be a Swiss luxury horologer. They provide a large vary of luxury watch whole starting from profession to classic models.

It is a watch which is still a dream for most of the Indians and also many people around this world. Rolex is not known as the best-selling brand in India due to the fact that that it is not at all affordable for most of the people.

8. Fastrack


Fastrack is positioned 8th because it is one of the most popular watch brands in India. They’re a youth-oriented whole introduced by Titan and it’s inscribed a distinct segment for itself within the Indian market.

It quickly became India’s largest watch whole for the urban youth. The technology vogue are best fitted to collegians that need funky style with promise quality and exactitude and cheap value.

9. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

9th on this list we have certainly Tommy Hilfiger which is one of the best watch brands in India.

They are one among the world’s leading designer watch brands. It’s internationally recognized for celebrating the essence of classic yank cool vogue.

From elegant to showy look, Tommy Hilfiger manufacturer’s distinctive kind of timepieces that might instantly neaten the articulatio plana of the user.

Tommy Hilfiger could be a hot favorite among the youth because it signifies trendiness and funky fashion.

10. Sonata


Coming to the 10th in our list of top 10 watch brands in India is the evergreen sonata. They do have been one amongst the foremost favorite brands when it comes to the watches.

They make admirable and wonderful watches that are idolized by each Indian person. Sonata watches have a singular class and wonder that produces folks purchase them.

11. Tissot


This is a watch which comes in the luxury range and it is not very affordable.

The watches that they make are very classy and very much elevates your complete personality overall.

If a person wears a tissot watch it surely means that the man has some class.

Brand ambassador of this company is Shah rukh khan.

Conclusion –

So this was the complete list of Indian made watch brands. I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any questions or suggestions then you can mention them in the comments down below.