Mistakes to Avoid in FBA Business

Mistakes to Avoid in FBA Business

Many people around the globe have made a fortune with their FBA business. It is a transparent mechanism that allows you to sell products and earn a good amount of money. As Amazon takes care of most of the process, you can save yourself from a lot of inconveniences. The scope of FBA business is wide with limitless possibilities. If you have a local business and want to take it to an international scale, FBA is the right choice.

The potential viability of FBA business does not mean that there is no chance of failure. The things can go downhill pretty quickly if you do not handle them well. If you know the right mechanism of running FBA business, your chances of failure are minimal. In this blog, we will discuss mistakes that should be avoided while running an FBA business.

Ordering Fewer Units:

The motive of ordering an inventory is to earn profit by selling them. It is a big misconception that ordering lesser units is beneficial for your FBA business. If you order a lower number of units, then you will never be able to generate the desirable return. It is recommended not to order less than 500 units. This way, after giving giveaways, you will still have enough units to make some good profit.

Skipping Inspection of Inventory:

You might get tempted to skip inspection phase while buying products from the manufacturer to save money. It is a rookie mistake to do because you should never compromise on the quality of your product. If you do not inspect the products, you may have to deal with a lot of problems later. For example, your shipment could be a worn-out form or items could be missing.

It is important to detect the flaws in the shipment in the manufacturing country to rectify it in lower expenses. If you identify the flaws in your inventory after reaching Amazon’s warehouse, it will be costly to get fixed.

Rushing Through Product Research:

It is a common mistake that most beginners do while starting their FBA business. You might think that by making an attractive product listing, you can get better sales. That can be true initially, but in the long run, your product has to be in demand for sustainable profit. Underestimating the importance of product research phase can have severe consequences.

Take your time in product research to ensure that you choose the right product. You can use different product research tools for finding out popular products and their competitors. Some people only select a product based on popularity which becomes a headache later. The reason behind it is that other factors like product’s fragility can result in loss of your FBA business.

You can use different product preparation services to ensure that your product is good enough to meet Amazon’s requirements. If you are looking for the best Amazon FBA prep and shipping center, you can get maximum information from fbabee.com.

Making Substandard Product Listing:

A private label has to set its listings on Amazon. It is essential that you put in all your efforts in making an attractive product listing that can entice buyers. If your product listing is not understandable, it will never get the desired visibility resulting in fewer sales. Focusing on every aspect of product listing is important to get better traffic. For example, if everything else is good, but your images are low-quality, you will not get the desired results.

Before making a new listing, you should go through extensive keyword research. You should find the relevant keywords for your niche and use them in your product listing.

Posting Fake Reviews:

Gone are the days when you could get a lot of sales by posting fake reviews. Now, Amazon has revisited its review policy and does not let you post any fake reviews. In fact, you can get into a lot of trouble for posting fake reviews. Amazon has developed a mechanism that can distinguish fake and real reviews. Usually, Amazon deletes a fake review, but if the same account keeps on posting a bogus review, it will get blocked.

Remember Amazon’s bot is very efficient and spots fake reviews quickly resulting in the account getting banned. Even if you come clean after a spell of fraudulent reviews, Amazon’s bot will not rank you high again. So, it is better to have fewer reviews than fake ones.

Not Monitoring Your Product Listing:

You can never get complacent after posting your product listing as there are many ups and downs to be monitored. If you launch a great product listing and do not follow up, you will see a dip in your sales. You have to be fully vigilant and keep checking the trends of your product listing. From keywords to titles, you have to make a regular adjustment to keep your product listing at a higher rank.

Choosing the Wrong Product Category:

Another big blunder that people commit in FBA business is selecting the wrong product category.   Some people choose a popular category to get better traffic, but they do not realize it is high competition. Due to this reason, they never get to the higher rankings so that the audience can see them. You can also get out of search results if you choose the wrong category for your product listing.

Another mistake that beginners do is choosing a restricted or gated category on Amazon. These restricted categories require approval from Amazon before selling. So, make sure that the category you choose for your FBA business is not a gated one.

Not Optimizing Your Product Listing:

If you do not have an optimized product listing, you can never get a lot of sales. Generally, people think that they can just choose a popular product and start earning money straight away. That is not the case because if your product listing is not on Amazon’s first page, you will have less traffic resulting in fewer sales. You should incorporate targeted keywords, high-quality images and other techniques to optimize your listing.


FBA business is an excellent platform for earning good money if you know the right approach. Avoiding the mistakes mentioned above will ensure a sustainable and profitable FBA business.