Monetize your traffic with ArabClicks


Have you ever thought about how great websites survive on the Internet? Money doesn’t grow on trees, there are great chances that the sites you read every day make money with your visits.

For example, when you visit a blog for advice on making a trip to the MENA area and book your room using the links of the websites with the best hotels to stay in the city, you’re supporting the work of the webmaster using his affiliate programs.

Sounds familiar? This is how websites make money, and in this article, we’ll give you some tips to boost your profits on your website.

Five tips to monetize your traffic with ArabClicks

It’s never late

We always hear voices saying that it’s no longer profitable to promote products and services through the Internet. In a word, this isn’t true. It’s never late to join the best paying Affiliate network in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and start making some profit from home.

It’s never too late to launch a new product, to give a new approach to a review; in short, to innovate some way. Of course, if you just want to copy/paste a successful site, we can say it’s pretty late for that. Although hypes are also good, for example visiting the Salt Bae’s restaurant in Dubai should attract some followers.

In line with that, you need to make sure you stay updated with the latest news of your sector; if an airline launches a new direct flight to Abu Dhabi, you must be there witnessing it, or if your favorite restaurant introduces a new stuffed camel plate or hummus, taste it and give your opinion.

Become an expert in an area

Do you travel a lot? Are you an expert in UAE history? Choose an area and master it. When you search on the Internet, you are giving a vote of confidence in the opinion of the articles.

If you have a bad experience following the advice of a site, it’s unlikely you visit that website again, and you can even post negative comments on your social networks. This is why you need to become an expert in an area.

Just share verifiable experiences and provide the best advice online. That way, you will build among your visitors, and even a community will be formed around your expertise.

Go mobile

Apple changed the world when it introduced the first iPhone to the market twelve years ago. Practically all MENA citizens use a smartphone nowadays. Therefore, offering friendly mobile experiences is mandatory in 2019.

You must join the best affiliate offers app to take advantage of the mobile revolution that is currently happening in the UAE (over 90% of social media users come from mobile devices.

Update regularly

Imagine visiting a website, and the latest update was made two weeks ago. It’s highly probable you’ll close the window in a few seconds.

Although updating a site every day can be a complex task, it’s highly recommended to dedicate a few minutes every day to share something new.

You can take advantage of Mena’s best-paying affiliate marketing networks, which generally offer guides and even provide you some pre-made content to help you.

Make sure the content/pictures you post are original and exciting. Also, visit websites and blogs every day, think about what you would like to see there and make it happen.

Be honest

Don’t be afraid to criticize if necessary. That’s exactly what visitors are looking for: an honest review that points out the good things and gives some tips to improve.

If you always post that a brand or product is perfect, it would be obvious that you are only advertising and visitors won’t return to your site.

If the service was excellent on your flight, award 5-stars! And if your order was delayed at the restaurant, let’s say they can improve the delivery.

As many people are afraid to buy goods and services on the Internet, in-depth reviews and honesty are crucial.

It’s not about becoming a heartless food critic, just sharing real opinions or photos of your experiences.


Hard work is the only way to achieve success on the affiliate market. But every successful business is born as an idea sometimes.

Don’t be afraid to innovate and always follow your instinct; when working with the best MENA affiliate marketing networks, all you need to do is to work every day, and the results will come in the future.