Start your own startup today, India will support you

Start your own startup today

Today, India has traffic load of startup but earlier it was very hard to find even single one. It was like lonely battle in Bermuda triangle. Founders often struggle to find right guidance and network of success.

But now government has taken initiative to promote more and more startups and lead better future. They have started startup India programs, the proliferation of co-working spaces and city wise regular meet ups. They also have independent authority i.e. startup-focused by NASSCOM.

Here’s first-hand experience of woman who had started her own startup in association with T-Hub is highlighted below:


Indian ecosystem of  startups helps new founders to choose their mentors wisely under one roof from pool of mentors. They can choose mentors after categorizing the need into categories which may include the domain name, business idea and content. Right mentor provides right advice, so choose wisely.


The body like NASSCOM runs multiple corporate connect programs and day-long startup pitch event in which they discuss about new idea for startups and guide a way to lead successful startup. It reduces the research cost and also gives disruptive solutions that can be game changers.


Entrepreneur always outsource activities which are not of his prime competency. It includes recruitment, accounting, payroll and legal matters that can often bog down your business. However, keeping this logic or need in mind there are many service providers who cater these needs.


It is very difficult task for the first timer to raise funds for accomplishing future plans. Thus, one need perfect pitch that appeals the investors to invest in their business. Startup accelerators guide and help to lead fund raising process which includes minute detailing of the project.


Entrepreneurship has ecstatic highs, but there are also depressive lows. They have to face challenge which they cannot discuss with team members. But there is nothing to worry about as ecosystem connects with fellow entrepreneurs.

It may include the mediums like facebook and TIE. From sharing lessons, offering help, looking for rockstar co-founders, these entrepreneur’s networks can help in all. The startup journey is tough. But today in India, it’s not a lonely one.