Top Security Threats in Online Streaming and Their Prevention

Password Theft

Online streaming is gaining attention from people looking for the best way to deliver rich content to users. Indeed, it has become the easiest and effective way for brands to reach to people who are already willing to convert and remain loyal. The flip side of it is that there are numerous security threats that can ruin a business’ or organisation’s reputation, and cause serious disruptions. For this reason, this article is written to highlight the top security threats in online streaming and what can be done to prevent them.

As you will find out at database backup service, you will are likely to face the following security threats during online streaming:

  • Password Theft

Hackers are working daily to make accurate guesses of your password. They will make note of some of the words that you use often during live streaming. If attentive, they can notice the keys that you choose while typing on your computer. It will hence be possible to determine the password, and use it to access sensitive data.

You can prevent the malicious activity by coming up with stronger passwords. Ensure that they are lengthy and inclusive of symbols and/or numbers. It is also important to avoid using common names such as the location of your firm or favourite foods. The trick in this case is to ascertain that the password is hard to guess.

  • Ransomware

As you prepare to stream your content online, you may be shocked to notice that you have been locked out of your computer. The sensitive data is likely to be encrypted until you comply with the demands of the criminals. Your virtual existence may be threatened in such moments, unless you have already taken precautionary measures.

To prevent the negative impacts of ransomware, have proper backup for your data. Paying the hackers may not work because there are no guarantees that the information will be restored. Also, protect your devices by installing reputable antivirus software.

  • Phishing

It is very tempting to click on links while doing online streaming. You may opine that users are offering you vital information on the topic of discussion. The phishing links may be designed to identify your bank account information or email accounts. A lot of damage can be done henceforth.


Notably, hackers have resorted to using the man-in-the-middle attacks after realizing that companies are taking precautionary measures to protect data. The malware is installed to your device, until you enter sensitive data. It will then cause an attack when you least expect it.

The best way to prevent such an attack is to avoid clinking on links while streaming live. Only do so after analysing the link using software available for the task. If by any chance you have become a part of the scheme, change your passwords immediately to avoid further damage. Also, contact the service providers so that they can stop any online transactions.

  • Social Media Scams

Through online streaming, you may have made remarkable efforts to build a good following on social media to the extent that criminals start to notice. They will utilise your name or brand to request celebrities and consumers to make donations for a cause.

The best way of dealing with this attack is to be vigilant enough to identify social media accounts with similar names. Go through the feedback available regularly because you may notice the complaints from users and hence take the right action on time. Still, you must educate users on how to identify your account.

  • Cryptojacking

It is a well established fact that people are thrilled by the idea of cryptocurrencies. In fact, it seems like a better investment than the property market and exports. This has attracted both the good and bad people. The criminals target vulnerable sites and inject a script to it. Your users’ computers will be attacked as the script mines for cryptocurrency.

To avoid cryptojacking, you must find antivirus software with a malware solution. You can also use an adblocker during online streaming. More so, your software must be updated.

All in all, you will gain all the benefits of online streaming, if you are careful to protect your devices and users from cyber-attacks. Find qualified IT professionals, if you are stuck in identifying the ideal tools and techniques for your business.