5 Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-346 Exam and Get Relevant Certification


The Microsoft 70-346 exam is a step towards earning the MCSA certification. The candidates who excel in this test prove that they have the skills and knowledge required to manage Office 365. As an IT professional, this is an exam that you would not like to miss out on.The certification test is offered in a variety of languages, including English, French, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Spanish and Portuguese. It is designed in such a manner that the students are tested on a wide range of areas. As such, passing it shows that you have covered a great deal of information regarding Microsoft 365.

5 Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-346 Exam and Get Relevant Certification

There are so many reasons why you should pass the Microsoft MCSA Office 70-346 VCE Exam Dumps and earn your MCSA certification. This article explores many of these causes. The following are top 6 reasons why you have to pass this certification test and earn the relevant Microsoft credential.

1. Worldwide Recognition

Microsoft is a reputable organization. Its products are used globally by almost all types of companies operating in a wide range of industries. As a result of this solid reputation, its certification program is also held highly by global companies. When you hold a certificate from Microsoft, you are sure that any global company would accept it as a threshold for securing employment or getting competitive advantage.

More than 50% of global companies are based on Office 365. This is because of the many benefits that the technology offers including the ability to work from anywhere thus offering a high level of flexibility. When the companies are looking for an individual to perform relevant configurations and setup of security mechanisms, they need those who demonstrate proper understanding of what is involved. Holders of such a credential can make applications for work from any firm around the world.

2. Key job Requirement

Today’s competition for employment is stiff. The employers are always looking for the most skilled personnel who can take their organizations to the next level. They want the individuals with a proven track record and a certain level of experience. But besides just the experience and college degrees, having certified skills is a crucial requirement for most job postings. Different employers have their reasons for including this as a requirement before you can make an application for the advertised job.

3. Opportunity to grow your Career

Promotions at your workplace will only be given to the most deserving candidates. Having earned college degree is not enough to make you grow career-wise. Similarly, working hard at your workplace is a good thing but that alone is not enough. How many of your colleagues that report to work early in the morning and leave late in the afternoon do you know? They are ever working hard, just as you do. This means that you all stand an equal chance to getting promoted in the event such an opportunity arises. As a result, you have to do everything possible to make you stand out from the crowd.

Passing your Microsoft 70-346 exam and becoming MCSA certified is the most effective way to get the recognition. Just stating on your CV that you are a hard worker is not enough. Demonstrate this by adding some certification on it. With such a certification, you are bound to be seen in the positive. It acts as an indicator that despite being pressed with time, you are still able to go against all odds just to make yourself better. Under such circumstances, your peers can only dream of getting to the same level as you with regards to career growth. All promotions will seem as though they are tailor-made just for you.

4.Personal Goals

We all have career goals. Probably during your college days you had a plan to earn your Microsoft certification. Such a goal would burn inside you all the time, making you work harder as you look forward to the day when you could take the certification exam. But life has so many ups and downs. It is very easy to cast aside such plans when you begin your IT profession. This is because of the many requirements and duties that are typically assigned to us. One thing about personal goals is that they seem never to fade away. Provided you had purposed in your heart to get certified, the goal will haunt you until the day when you shall take care of it.

Meet your personal goals by scheduling the Microsoft 70-346 exam. When you excel in this test and get your certificate, you are sure to feel some level of satisfaction. This is a kind of satisfaction that can also project the growth of your career.

5.More Money

Why did you go to college? To start a career in IT and have some source of income, right? With a college degree, you are sure to secure an employment. But that means the agreed upon salary will be based on your current level of education.

When you earn a Microsoft certification, it means that you will have made yourself bettered your skills, hence you should be compensated money-wise for the advancement. It makes no sense to spend all this money on scheduling for an exam and buying training courses only for it not to have any monetary rewards. The individuals with credentials are found to earn higher salaries than their counterparts.

The growth of your career should be enough reason to make you sacrifice your time and become certified.