What a Good Social Media Report Should Include

What a Good Social Media Report Should Include

At the end of every campaign, quarter, or year, marketers must have proof that their social media activities actually have results that benefit the business they are promoting. Knowing how to create a social media report is important because the trend today involves companies increasing on their social media activity to improve their online presence.

To show how much value they are giving the business, marketers must be able to visualize and interpret data. This will allow them to tell a coherent story.

Growth of Followers

A client can draw a lot of conclusions by just looking at the business’ follower count. This includes brand awareness, reach, popularity, and several others. Each of these aspects is essential and valid, given follower growth simply means that people actually respond to the content posted on a business’ social media account.

With a steady growth of followers, a brand’s influence gets wider too, both in terms of numbers and reach. To capture both ideas, a growth report should be presented effectively.

Reach and Resonance

Reach can be described as the number of people who have seen your posts. Meanwhile, resonance describes the interactions that your content has received. Both Twitter and Facebook use these terms to refer to the people who see a post and engage in it.

This metric helps marketers better understand how much a post influences online users, regardless of the follower count. Social media platforms these days have tools that can boost a post so that it can be seen by other people as well, even if they’re not following the business page. The more people your business’ reach, the better the chance for more people to engage.

Total Engagement

Generally, engagement describes the comments, likes, reshares, and clicks a post earns within a specific time frame. It’s basically how your audience reacts to content found on your social media channels.

This information serves proof that a post or status is effective. Your posts must have that characteristic to affect people, both in a good and bad way. However, remember that your goal is to cause good engagement if you want a business to grow positively among social media users.


Clicks have long been used to measure the activity found in the business’ website or page. If you manage to make someone click, it means that your post has the following qualities:

  • Attractive headline
  • Great lead
  • Potentially informative and entertaining content

These qualities can make online users check out your website, subscribe to mailing lists, read more articles, and eventually converting them into customers.

Social Referral Traffic

While clicks best describe the success of a single post, social referral traffic shows how beneficial a social media platform for the business. By looking at your site’s social referral traffic, you will know the number of visits each social network gets. This would come from the links you shared personally and the links shared by other users. When seen along with direct traffic, referral traffic, and organic traffic, it makes your social media marketing efforts more valuable.

Social Media Reporting with Netbase

Creating a social media report is not an easy task. In fact, it can be tedious for a lot of people. However, a social media report is the only way that you can measure the effectivity of your efforts online and shows what needs to be improved in this part of the business.

Below are the ways how Netbase can help your business when it comes to analyzing your social media report.

  1. To show results what translates the success of the outlines and expectations of the client.
  2. To show clients how their social media accounts have evolved over time.
  3. To give your work value and proof that your strategies are effective.
  4. To measure ROI (return of investment)