What apps on the web can help you get more likes through Instagram?


Boosting the number of likes on your Instagram content is a goal many people aim for with every picture or video they add, though their reasons may vary. Some people enjoy the recognition, others the interaction, and in some cases it’s more about getting exposure for a brand or business. Regardless, if you want to up your likes there are several apps available on the web to help you do just that.

apps on the web can help you get more likes through Instagram

Here are some brief details on several of them:


This app focuses on organic growth, helping you plan content and appeal to the right people to boost things naturally.

Magic Tags

This free app let you search Instagram for the terms, comments or captions which relate to you, your business and possible followers and help you get the exposure needed to increase your likes.


This one requires a fee, which starts from around $9, and although the methods used to boost likes are not explicitly stated it’s likely this is about paying for clicks and not much more.

Super Liker for Instagram

Free with an in-app purchase, this is a clever app which really boosts your like levels, both giving and receiving.

IG Auto Like

Real people with a background in social media are helping you out here by liking and commenting on your content. It’s a more realistic and natural way to pay for likes, and costs between $1-5.

Share Supplier

A full on bot that will flood your Instagram with likes, for an unspecified price – be wary of large numbers of likes appearing suddenly.

Get Instant Likes

This free app has promise, as it works by promoting your name and hashtags, encouraging natural likes. Joining gets you 25 freebies, and a review of the app gets you more.


If you are lazy, are willing to pay at least $10 and risk being penalized for bot likes then this is the perfect app for you.


Use this app to automatically comment on and like pictures, and add users, all of which boosts your exposure. It’s free so worth a try.

Insta Swift

A paid program which provides likes, and for a further payment relevant comments and other interactions to keep things looking natural. They don’t mess about, so results are fast, and deliver what is promised.


This is a free app but you will do most of the work involved yourself! This is more of an analytical tool than anything else, and can help you identify areas to work on.


This app is pricey, costing from $29 depending on the plan chosen, but it delivers results by targeting potential followers in a serious way.

There really are literally hundreds of apps designed to help people like you boost your Instagram likes. They range from free to expensive and some are not as good as others, so always shop around before making a final choice. If you’d like to find out more about apps that get you more likes on Instagram, then please check out Social Media Daily.