5 Innovative Company Wellness Programs in 2019


5 Innovative Company Wellness Programs in 2019

It’s 2019, and companies are trying harder than ever to attract and retain top talent. Employees are no longer lured by a high salary instead, and are looking for a company that

The benefits of these employee wellness programs are immense. In particular, workers who engage in these programs end up being more productive, happier and healthier. Let’s take a look at some company wellness programs that your business can emulate.

Corporate wellness programs don’t always have to be additive in nature. They can also be geared towards taking away a huge burden from employees. In the following we profile 5 refreshing company wellness programs you should look into for your own company in 2019.

1) elMejorTrato.com

Wellness Program in a Nutshell:

In a nutshell, elMejorTrato helps its employees pay off debts.

When Cristian Rennella, the CEO and co-founder of elMejorTrato.com founded the company, he realized one thing: most of his employees were struggling with some sort of financial debt. This, in turn, affected their productivity at work.

This is what prompted him to introduce a financial wellness program. Essentially, the company pays off any debt its employees have for a minimum period of one year. In return, they deduct monthly payments from the workers’ paychecks at zero interest.

2) Ecos

With a name like Ecos, you probably know what the company’s wellness program centers around- environmentally friendly perks and organic food.

Ecos produces green household cleaners. In keeping with their eco friendly mission, most of the company’s wellness programs centers around the same theme.

To start off, the company maintains an organic garden in each of its facilities with fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Employees are welcome to grab them at any time to get into the habit of healthier, chemical free eating.

Other wellness perks are also tied in with the environment. If an employee chooses to move closer to Ecos office to reduce commute time and his/her carbon footprint, Ecos gives the employee $1,000 as a reward. The company also hosts RE-party, an event where staff members can get together and swap clothes and household items, instead of these items going to waste.

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3) JetBlue

JetBlue has consistently received high marks from customers in terms of overall satisfaction, and it seems they treat their employees just as well, if not better.

When the concept of corporate wellness is mentioned, a lot of the emphasis is on incorporating physical activities. However, many neglect emotional wellness, which is equally important.

Emotional wellness programs enable workers to be emotionally capable of dealing with the challenges they encounter. Given that work is one of the top sources of stress, a program centered on emotional wellbeing is an integral part of the overall corporate wellness.

JetBlue knows the importance of this first hand. This is why through their LiveHealth program, the company provides employees exclusive access to psychologists and psychiatrists 7 days a week at a greatly reduced cost ($20/session). Appointments must be made in advanced, but any issue can be discussed and hopefully resolved, from anxiety, stress, parenting issues, to depression.

4) Google Inc

Google is well known for its incredible employee perks, one of which is access to complete health and wellness facility right at the place of work.

At the organization’s Silicon Valley campus, workers can exercise at the available gyms. They can also take part in one of the 200 available exercise classes, which include eccentric options like “How to dance at a party” class. This search engine powerhouse hires physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists to work as part of their employee wellness program.

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5) Apple Inc

Apple is another company that pays special attention to employee’s health and ergonomics. All employees get their very own standing desk, ergonomic chair that reportedly costs $1,200 each, and access to Apple’s state of the art wellness center.
Apple knows all too well that healthy employees equals more productive employees. As such, whether an employee is sitting down or standing up, the company wants to ensure his/her health is taken care of.

When Tim Cook declared that every employee will get his/her own standing desk, his reasoning was “It’s much better for your lifestyle”.

Apart from access to ergonomic equipment, every employee can partake in the company’s cutting edge wellness center. It includes a fitness gym, studio for group fitness, a pool and climate-controlled zone that can be configured to conditions from subfreezing to more than 100°F.

Key Takeaway

Employee wellness programs were initially viewed as an unnecessary expense by companies. But with time, these corporations saw the immense benefits that these programs offered not just to employees but also to their companies as a whole.

An effective program is one that covers most, if not all, aspects of an employee’s wellbeing. This includes their emotional wellness, physical wellbeing, and financial health.