Four Innovative Ways to Make Recruitment Easier for your Business in 2019

Four Innovative Ways to Make Recruitment Easier for your Business in 2019

One of the biggest challenges companies face is finding the right people. Even in places where unemployment levels are relatively high, recruitment may still not be easy. You will get plenty of applicants, but, there is a good chance a lot of them will not be suitable. Fortunately, there is new tech available that helps modern firms to become more effective at recruiting the right people.

The ability to carry out instant background checks

In many parts of the world, employers are now required to carry out checks on people they are planning to employ. These range from checking immigration status to making sure that someone does not have a criminal record because they will be working with vulnerable people.

Regardless of the types of checks needed, background check site by whitepages is there to help. For nearly 25 years, this firm has been providing business owners and private individuals with the public record data they need. Importantly, as the legislation changes, so does what they offer. As a result, most business owners are able to find the information they need about potential recruits, within minutes.

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Video interviews

Forget, inviting interviewees into the office for an interview. Doing it using video chat is much easier for everyone. Potentially, you could be reading someone’s resume in the morning and interviewing them by the afternoon. Plus, you will have a record of each interview. That opens up the opportunity to double check what was said.

Tap into the power of online courses and certification

If a candidate you like lacks a certain certification you could potentially point them towards an online course they could take to secure that qualification. Many courses do not take long to complete or cost very much to do. For example, the food handler card course that is needed in Europe can be taken in just a couple of hours. Keen applicants understand that firms want proof of their abilities, so are willing to take these short courses. They know that being armed with these certificates will make them more attractive to other firms should you not offer them a job.

Other firms set up short online courses for candidates to complete. If they pass the test, they get invited to an interview. Those people who cannot be bothered to take it are automatically eliminated from the recruitment process.

Create a talent pool

Building up a database of people you know that could do a good job can be a very fast way to complete the recruitment process. Setting aside a proportion of your work to be done by contractors and freelancers can be a very good idea. It gives you the chance to work with someone and see how they actually perform. If someone does an exceptionally good job while working for you as a freelancer, keep their contact details. The next time you have a vacancy invite them to apply. You will be surprised by how many of them accept and take the job. Often, this kind of candidate will be able to start work immediately.

Looking ahead

The good news is that there are even more innovations in the pipeline. For example, you will soon be able to use Artificial Intelligence to quickly sort through a pile of resumes. VR devices that are able to replicate a workspace have the potential to be used to test an applicant’s ability to carry out physical tasks. There is no doubt that the tech that is currently being developed will make the recruitment process easier still.