5 Opportunities To Earn As A College Student Online

5 Opportunities To Earn As A College Student Online

The ability to earn extra money as a college student can be a huge advantage in a variety of ways. Keeping your student debt in check could be the number 1 advantage and graduating with no debt puts you ahead of many of your peers. Earning online allows the student not to have to commute to a job or work hours that interfere with class. This can be nearly impossible to do if working a job in the service industry unless the employer is willing to work with you which is common in college towns. Finding a career after college leaves new graduates in a type of limbo where they are unsure what they will do with their lives. Having regular income from your online job during this period can help you avoid jumping into a career you hate to get the bills paid. The following are opportunities to earn online as a college student that can eventually turn into a career.

Freelance Writing

Be a Freelancer

Freelance writing can be a great way to hone your writing skills as a student while also earning as great writing skills are in high demand constantly. This content can be anything from product descriptions for an ecommerce site to a company blog post. Content creation companies are more prevalent than people outside of the marketing world think. Being able to communicate thoughts well through copy can earn you a full-time position at one of these companies. The ability to work remotely can allow you to get company benefits without having to leave your college town. Building up a client base from freelance writing can allow you to earn and stabilize income. This gives a recent graduate an idea of how much they will earn then they can make the decision whether they want to enter the business world in a traditional job or stay as a freelancer.

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Influencer Marketing

College students in today’s world grew up from the time they were young with social media. Becoming a social media influencer is perfect for a college student as a single post can earn them money from a brand. The tough part is going to be building that social media following as brands do not want to partner with social media accounts that only have 219 followers. Try your hand at something you are knowledgeable about whether it is nutrition or fashion as both have a huge market on social media. Influencer marketing becomes far easier by joining a platform that connects brands and influencers. The brand will see your accounts along with follower counts then make an offer for a post or a campaign. Make sure that brands that you partner with are relevant to your followers and are of the highest quality. Losing the trust of followers is the worst thing that can happen to an influencer besides a mass unfollowing by their follower community.

Build A Drop Shipping Store

Shipping Company

Creating a drop shipping store online can allow you to earn constantly if you build a large enough customer base. Take care of the small details like making sure that you have reliable hosting and promote the site to friends as well as family. Allowing consumers to find a product for cheaper due to your lack of costs in respect to the business can allow for a plethora of sales. Keeping your server up and running so the site can continue selling is important. Only trust professionals to do this to make sure if the site does go down, it is back up in a matter of minutes. Sending hand written appreciation notes in 5X7 envelopes can provide that personal touch that many of the larger ecommerce giants seem to miss out on. Consumers are starting to want to buy from smaller businesses rather than corporate juggernauts. This ecommerce based business can continue after graduation where you can then see how much can be earned if you do this full-time!

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Online Personal Training

Online personal training has caught fire with different platforms that helps connect clients and trainers. If you have a fitness background and are certified this can be a great way to earn. These clients if happy with the results your training has gotten them are sure to stick around long term. For college athletes this can be the perfect opportunity to pass down the knowledge they have learned through years of hard work in the weight room and exercising. The more certifications that you acquire the better as many of these trainers on online platforms can be searched by the certifications they have. You want to show up in as many search results as possible to maximize the odds of acquiring new clients.

College students have far more opportunities to earn than simply working at the student bookstore or bartending nights. Take the time to investigate the above gigs and look into more as earning online is the way to go for a college student!