9 Businesses You Can Start with Little or No Capital


You must be asking if it is possible for an small online business to make money if you did not invest in any money in the startup cost. After all, the internet now is complex, not like a decade ago when it is still easy to rank your website and get customers. Nowadays, a lot of big websites dominate the web and it seems hard to compete with these online companies. The key is to find a niche that other people are doing and you also have to find an economical yet effective way to advertise your products. The following are 8 businesses that you can start with a small capital.

8 Businesses You Can Start with Little or No Capital

1. Sell Used Books

Starting a used book online store can be a lucrative business because of the high margin in the profits. People often give away their used textbooks for free. You can also find cheap textbooks at low prices in the garage sale. You can specialize in selling used books on a specific subject to avoid competitions with a big online book store.

2. Becoming a Social Media Manager

If you know how to use social media to attract customers, you can consider starting your own social media management business. As a social media manager, your job is to tween on social media platforms like Twitter, and Instagram to promote the products of the company. You can take a social media management certification program from a respected institution like Atton Institute to become a certified social media consultant. It only takes a few days to complete the whole training.

After that, you can contact businesses to offer your social media management services. If you get a lot of clients, you can outsource for others to do the job so that you have free time to attract new customers. Get more details at Atton Institute.

3. Helping People to Buy Their Groceries

You can start a grocery delivery service if you have a phone, vehicle and you live nearby to supermarkets. You should start by specializing in grocery delivery in a small area that is near to where you live. You can accept cash upon delivering the grocery or use a basic payment processing like PayPal. PayPal will collect a few percent of fees for each customer payment.

4. Wall Painting Services for Residential Homes

You can make a few hundred dollars by helping one person to paint all the walls in his house. You will be able to make a decent income by painting a few houses every month. Starting a house painting services only require minimal spending on equipment like wall paint, and paint roller. Most states do not require you to obtain any licensing to offer house painting services.

5. Dog Sitting

If you are good with animals, you can offer dog sitting services. You can start by telling friends and neighbors about your services. To get more customers, you will have to enroll in a respected organization like National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. When you get a lot of people asking you to pet sit their dogs, you will have the option to hire employees or outsource them to other contractors.

6. Sell Stuff on eBay

Anyone can start selling something online by posting their product on eBay. If you want to sell branded stuff, you must be a licensed distributor. Since you are just starting, you can sell stuff in your house. After you have some capital, you can start selling something cheap to make a little profit for each item. When you can sell the small items well, you can consider selling big stuff or branded stuff that are more expensive.

 7. Drop Shipping

You may be interested in offering drop shipping services if you don’t want to invest in the inventories with your capital. In drop shipping, you list a product that you want to sell on places like eBay or in an online store you host yourself. After that, when someone buys the product, you go to a drop-shipping online store and order the same product. The drop shipping company will ship the product to the customer without putting their company name in the sender.

8. Make Soaps at Home to Sell Online

You can start a custom soap business by making the soaps at home and selling them online. You only need to make a small investment on the ingredients and tools to make the soap. For example, things like an essential oil, and bar mold can be purchased at a low-cost price on eBay and Amazon. You must not copy other branded soap’s recipe but make the soap using your own unique recipe. The soap should also have a unique fragrant.

9. Accountants for Entrepreneurs

It is very important for an entrepreneur to maintain its accounts as they have to undergo long process to go through its stats and accounts on regular basis. Thus, entrepreneurs are always ready to pay good amount to accountants for entrepreneurs. Apply today and earn as much you can.