47 Small Business Ideas in India Start with Low Investment 2019


Everyone on this planet is here to fulfill his or her wishes and we all know that without any hardship, nothing is possible. People are searching for a small business idea to earn more and in a smarter way.

Profitable Small Business Ideas 2019

With technologies in hand, people are able to reach heights. Whether it’s a job or small business, people now know what would benefit them and what not.

Youths, especially are eager to face the world and prove that they too can earn. Starting a business with nice small business ideas. if you have investment and capital in hand.

But there are statistics which believe that small scale businesses are more beneficial for the freshers and it definitely plays a significant role in the gross domestic production (GDP) of any country.

Small scale businesses are beneficial and are less risky. Of course, there is the risk in anything you do for the first time but in order to succeed, you need to know how to take risks and how will it help you in succeeding.

With this article, we are here to help the newcomers to know and understand what kind of manufacturing business ideas in India they can go for with low investment. We will provide you with some ideas for manufacturing businesses where you would be able to do at the places which you already have.

Firstly, let’s talk about product manufacturing. You should know what is it before getting into it practically. Product manufacturing is one of the most popular and accepted forms of business in the world, where statistics even show that all the big companies which we know about were small scale industries only. Companies like Amazon, Google, Dell and many more started with less capital and risk but you know where they belong today in the world.

So, let’s get started with some small business ideas and see which would you prefer to start your business with.

Here list of Top 47 small scale business ideas in India:

1. Small Business of Handmade Chocolates

Business of Handmade Chocolates

No matter what your sex is, what age group is you in, you and I love chocolates and there is no occasion or festival goes by without chocolates. With so many varieties and brands to choose from, if you love to cook and know how to make chocolates, you can easily spread the word and even sell chocolates to bakeries or any shop in particular and earn good money.

Even if you don’t know how to make chocolates, there are ample of places which can teach you how to make one and the investment there would be hardly a problem. You could make chocolate of any flavor, size which would serve as best gifts during any occasion.

2. Creative Small Business of Boutique

Business of Boutique

With women ruling the world, they require clothes and lots of clothes. They no longer stay at home but go out to work and earn. There is no business like stitching. People love fashion and it changes constantly. So if you know how to do this kind of work, all you need is a good right hand (worker) and sewing machine. This requires a less amount of investment and you won’t be needing any special place to start your business. In initial days, you can start your business at home and with its growth, if you feel like owning a place, then you can try this idea.

3. Small Bakery Shop:

The work of the bakery is another low investment business with minimum risk factors. If you know how to bake cakes, biscuits, pastries then it is the most extremely profitable food processing business in the market. You can initiate the business by renting some place or even at your home. Selecting the right product and its demand in the market, you can easily earn a good amount of money. This kind of small business ideas works a lot in India.

4. Papad Making Business:

You all must be aware of Madhvi from Tarak Mehta ka Ulta chashma. We all know that she is a business woman of papad making. This business is not surreal but true. You can easily earn money through this venture without even requiring a lot of manpower. All you need is exact recipes and basic equipment to start with which is hardly costly. Because there are many things which you can easily find in your own kitchen. So, if you want to stay home and earn money, I believe it’s a hell of a deal.

5. Handmade Jewelry Business idea:

Today’s generation is very smart and talented. People know how to make things from scratch. Handmade jewelry is one such business to start with. Woneedeeds jewelry to match it with each dresses they own. So, it will be the most profitable small scale business idea in India. If you are creative enough then you can learn this on you tube and can start your own business.

6. Handbags and Wallets Business:

Whether you are male or female, you cannot leave the house without taking money with you and to keep money in one safe place, we all carry wallets and handbags with us. If you have money to invest and can gather raw material and man power, then you can earn by starting manufacturing different sizes, colored, shapes of bags for people. As the trend of having a wallet or handbag can never go in India. This is one of the best small business ideas in India.

7. Bedsheets and Blanket Manufacturing Business:

Another business which can never fail is of producing different kinds of bedsheets and blankets. If you have enough knowledge, manpower and resources then it is a good business to start with as the essentials which are required to produce these items are easily available. Even if you feel like you don’t want to manufacture, then you can always buy it in bulk right from the factories and could open a shop and can sell them with great margin in price as profits.

8. Garment Manufacturing Business:

There is no doubt that we need clothes to wear and what ever the fashion may come, denim jeans can never go away. So if you have some basic experience in clothing related activities, then this small business idea is suitable for you. All you need a place, machines, workforce to start it and it might sound expensive and risky but in order to have long term profit, these types of risks are bearable.

9. Production of Agarbattis:

India, being a religious place with different customs and occasions to celebrate, we all required scented agarbattis. Every household have them at home so it holds a great profit holder business potential in the market. Basically, an agarbatti is an aromatic paste or powder which even contains antiseptic properties. So, you can start your small scale business with its manufacturing and could earn money easily in India.

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10. Manufacturing Mineral Water:

There are many people in the world who only drinks mineral water which are normally being produced through mountain spring water. If you have enough resources and capital, then you can buy a mineral water plant and earn a good amount of profit. This is also a small business idea in India.

11. Herbal Products:

People of India, now a days, are very conscious when buying products for themselves. People wants to apply such products which are organic in nature and Ayurvedic is gaining an immense importance through this. These products are usually made from natural ingredients like turmeric and more and gives soothing and last long effect. So, if you are well versed with this than you can open up your small scale business anywhere in India and earn enough.

12. Start your Own Candle Making business:

Candle Making

People like kids and housewives who are in need of extra money can work in this profession. It is a very nice small business idea to earn some extra cash without any risk factor being involved.

13. Manufacturing Soaps:

This is another small business idea you can start with low investment. In order to bathe properly, we all need soaps to clean ourselves. And India is a land of herbs and spices like turmeric which helps in constituting a variety of things and soap is one of it. So, if you know the science behind how a soap is being prepared, you can start your own small scale business and earn money.

14. Indian Food Best small business idea in India:

The culture from the western side of the world has arrived in India due to its practical approach. Today’s generation has no time to cook their own meals rather they order food online but every-time you just cannot eat the outside junk. So, if you have a great talent in your hands and you love cooking, you can open your small scale business of providing homemade foods to people who lack time to cook their own. In fact, many people are selling packed foods at an economical rate. This is new in India but has proven to be one of the best small scale business idea.

15. Manufacturing Paper Bags:

This is a time of sustainable development business where we have to think about our coming generation. And recycling is one such step to provide a coming generation with everything. You can preserve the environment while making money as these bags are in demand in the market and raw material is easily available.

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16. Disposable Item Business:

People in India loves social interaction but when it comes to prepare food and cleaning dishes afterwards, it seems hectic. So, when now with technology people can order food online, you can serve the food in disposable plates. It reduces help and the variety is there in disposable items. So, having that in mind and starting this kind of business is not a bad idea. You can easily make money without thinking of any risk factor.

17. Chalk Making Factories:

India is a developing country where we have smart boards in schools yet there are places where still chalks are being used to write on blackboards. Apart from schools, tailors, furniture makers also use chalks to mark the measurements. So, it would be a nice small scale business idea to earn.

18. Condensed Milk Production:

Condensed Milk Production

We Indians, love milk and milk made products. So, a business in this arena would be beneficial. All you need is a connection with people who owns cows or buffalos. It can easily be initiated with substantial capital investment. This small scale business idea is working well in India.

19. Cotton Buds Making:

This business idea of cotton swabs can be initiated on a small scale level. Cotton buds are available in every household and helps in various purposes so, business in this area is profitable and without any risk.

20. Manufacturing Designer Dresses:

Dresses like sarees and lehengas are very demanding in our Indian markets. If you have an idea about trends and fashion, then you have start your own venture and can make a lot of money. As this business can never stop earning or could fail ever in India.

21. Manufacturing Detergent Powder:

The manufacturing process of detergent powder is pretty simple if you know the correct formula of mixing contents. You can easily start the manufacturing business with small scale capital.

22. Manufacturing Drinks:

Manufacturing Drinks

Soft drinks and energy drinks are quite popular among people. This business is one of the most extremely profitable and trending among small scale ventures. It is cost intensive and requires promotion. If you are willing to do so, then you can start this manufacturing business in India.

23. Exercise Books for Children:

People wants their kids to expertise in every field and this can only happen when they will practice more and more. So, many books are being manufactured for the same and it is a low investment startup business idea. Stationaries and schools require different exercise books, so you can easily make good money.

24. Fruit Juice Production:

People day by day are becoming health conscious. They know what is good for them and what not. Fruit juice production is a good way to start your own business. All you have to know what kind of fruits are available in each month of the year and you are ready to manufacture the packed cans for the same.

25. Manufacturing Plastic Tablecloths:

Restaurants and houses comprises of dining table and to make it look good, people uses them. So, the demand of them is increasing with time and producing them as a business is a nice idea as it involves less risk factors and more money.

26. Manufacturing Vehicle accessories:

We are suggesting you to open a business where you could manufacture stuff including steering wheel covers, gear covers, seat covers for both cars and bikes. As Indians want to keep their things neat & tidy and accessories in artificial leather and cloth makes them look attractive. Hence, you can start your luck in this small scale business.

27. Spice Powders Production:

Spice Powders Production

India is a hub for different and exotic spices. And there is a giant market for the same. A small scale manufacturing business can enter in this arena and with accurate knowledge about the proportion of powders to be mixed in order to make a spice could help you to make a good amount of money.

28. Ice cream Manufacturing business:

Who doesn’t love ice creams of different flavors! Right? You can start a business of ice cream production with moderate capital in hand. It is so demanding in all sections of society that it can never fail. If you doesn’t feel comfortable in inventing your own brand, then you can always take the franchise of some famous brand and earn good amount of money.

29. Matchstick Production:

Anyone can start matchstick production with low capital in hand. All you have to maintain safety measures. Matchsticks are highly consumed by the people and if you have contacts in the market then you can surely manufacture it and distribute among retailers.

30. Manufacturing Packaging Box:

The best thing about this business is that every other manufacturing company needs packaging boxes in order to parcel their products. This is a good way to make money as small and big scale industries need a packaging box. If you know how to make attractive packaging box then you can try your hand in this small scale business idea.

31. Manufacturing Invitation card:

No wedding or grand scale function is done without sending out invitation cards. We Indians love to brag and invitation card is one of the many step that we Indians do. Manufacturing invitation card is no risky and can be made with simple machinery. The process is quite simple and profitable. So, you can do this business as well to make money

32. Making Pickles:

Making Pickles

We Indians and our food items are very unique. We need every kind of taste while eating food and pickles are the traditional item of our food. Pickles are even exports to different countries after being prepared in India. There are a variety of pickles. So, if you have your grandma’s unique recipe, then don’t hesitate in investing in this business.

33. Manufacturing Potato Chips:

Children loves to eat potato chips and they are highly demanding in our Indian market. So, in order to make money without getting into some risky activities, you can try your hand in this area. The process of making them is also quite simple with simple machinery. This is another manufacturing business idea in India.

34. Manufacturing toys:

Either it’s a child or a grown up, everyone loves toys to some extent. Racing cars, teddy bears, barbies and more are very famous among each generation. You can easily access raw material and machinery and could earn money without thinking of failing as toys can never fade away from children’s lives.

35. Slipper Manufacturing:

No matter how fashionable we are, at the end we all want slippers to wear. They are comfortable and reasonable to buy. So, investing in footwear business is profitable for a small scale investment. With increasing population, the demand is also increasing each day.

36. Manufacturing Tissue Paper:

Currently, the demand for tissue paper, facial wipes or tissues, paper towels is high as people are very concerned with their health and which can easily be produced or manufactured with a simple machinery. Houses, public toilets, restaurants and many other places need tissue paper. So, you can invest and make money in this paper industry.

37. Salted Snacks:

Tea and coffee lovers love to have snacks to eat while drinking beverages. The salted snack manufacturing project has a high demand in the market and snacks come with a wide range of variety. So, it will be a nice idea to start this as a small scale business.

38. Fruit Pulp Manufacturing:

Fruit Pulp Manufacturing

The demand of fruit pulp like jams, sauces, etc of different variety is very high in Indian market. There are various method of preservation of food and if you are well versed with them, then you can try in investing in this arena and make money.

39. Furniture Business:

No house, school, the office can be seen without furniture. It is an indispensable item. Everyone is in need of bed, chair and table. So, the manufacturing business of furniture can be great in order to make money. If you want to invest less capital, then you will less but if you have moderate capital, then the profits can be high.

40. Manufacturing Stationary Items:

Every institution in the market either it’s a school or an office, is in the great requirement of stationary items like pens, notebooks, pencils etc – the list is endless. These items are demanded by both small and large scale industries. So, the profit through this kind of business is high and risk is low.

41. Manufacturing Sports Related Item:

People have understood that with scholastic, the knowledge of co-scholastic activities is also important. Parents are engaging with their children and make them participate in different sports. There are many sports to play and each sport has its own requirements. So, you can start a small scale business in India by producing sports related items which would help to make money easily.

42. Honey Making Business:

This is one of the easiest way of business. All you need work force who is capable enough to extract honey from beehives and a simple machinery which could produce it equally. Honey is in great demand due to its chemical and remedial properties which help people a lot. You can do this at your home as well.

43. Paintings and Craft Work:

Paintings and Craft Work

If you are artistic in nature and loves to draw and paint, then you can earn money while sitting at home. Even these craft items require little capital and provide a great profit. Be creative and earn.

44. Manufacturing of Inks:

People need pens to write and it is not possible for an ink to last for eternity. So, the manufacturing of ink for pen and cartridges for printers are in great demand. You need a workforce who could work for you and machines. So, if you can invest in them, then you can earn a good profit with this kind of small business ideas in gujarat India.

45. Mobile Phone Accessories:

With so many variety of phones in the market, there is a great demand for its cover and other accessories which people need to make their cell phones look attractive. Investing in this business is handy and profit could be high as everyone has phones these days. Thus, it is a good business idea with huge growth prospects.

46. Manufacturing of kitchen Appliances:

Manufacturing of kitchen Appliances

The demand of kitchen cutleries can never fade away. People love to have a variety of things at home like a dinner set, soup set, and many more things. Right from plates and spoons to microwave or OTG, you can manufacture all depending upon the investment you make. And in this business, the profit will be huge as demand will always remain high.

47. Producing leather Related Items:

Items made from leather are costlier and profitable. Raxin is a kind of artificial leather which is in great demand. You can start this small scale business with the help of simple tools and machinery and the required capital is around Rs. 1 lac in starting. This would be a great way to start a financial career.

These are a few ideas for starting a financial career. But, one has to do lots of planning and has to take steps slowly so that they would not fail in taking risks. There are many banks or money lender agencies which could help you with investment. All you have to do is decide and see what you want to do in order to make money and to succeed in these small scale manufacturing business ideas. We wish you all the success in life. All the best.