Top 5 new medical stores to buy medicine online India

buy medicine online india

We all here are live witness to the new transition technique of buying goods online like clothes, electronics, furniture etc. It makes it easier for customers to approach goods from corners of world with a click on their smartphones, laptop or computers. With introduction of new technologies offline shopping stores are shifting to online modes which gives hike to their sales. The world is not stopping on just clothes or home based stuff but also availing healthcare facilities on your doorstep whether you need any medicine or undergo any test i.e. blood test everything available on just a click with home services. Witnessing such new trends is like living the dream with eye open.

A decade ago all this technologies and trends are mere imagination which is reality now and some old citizens still not believe that it’s really possible to get everything at door step with just click while relaxing on your couch. Everything from food to medicines as per your need is available online. Smartphones had played a great role in penetrating online trends of buying stuff or else it may not be possible to such huge extend. In 2000 internet penetration or growth was 0.5% whereas in 2016 it had grown up to 34.8% which makes online market a huge success.

Chronic diseases are also considered to be the huge factor of online market growth as diseases like pain, obesity, diabetes and cancer are common these days and youngsters are common victims of such diseases because of their living styles. These youngsters are lazy and want everything with their convenience which is advantage for online market. They order medicine and healthcare facilities at their door step so they don’t have to go anywhere. This gives online sellers edge to attract customers with exciting offers and as result customers don’t go anywhere else accept online stores.

Online medical stores are divided in two parts which are as follows:

  • Organized Medical Stores

These stores are genuine and are government approved and carrying out their business activities with proper administration. So there are minimal or no chances of confusion or illegal marketing.

  1. They connect offline stores to online market and supply medicine in neighborhood.
  2. They don’t sell any medicine without prescription which is also a crime otherwise.
  3. The quality of medicines are government approved.
  • Non-Organized Medical Stores

These are illegal stores available online that sells medicine without prescription and its very difficult to trust the quality of medicines available with them. It’s a legal crime to sell medicines without prescription online or offline.

We suggest you not to buy medicine online India from non-organized medical stores because they are cheap. They can infect your body more than you are suffering.

Authenticity of online medical stores is matter of great concern. People don’t trust their blood relations so how can they fooled with these unethical online medical stores who sell medicines without license. The medicine they offer can be outdated i.e. expired or sometimes fake which means they are not offering what the packaging of medicine actually coveys. It’s very hard to judge anyone from outside similarly it’s wrong to trust medicine with its cover. It can infect you more instead of curing.

Organized stores are trustworthy because government have administrative channel upon their working and they cannot sell wrong medicine and without prescription. It’s against the ethics and as well as laws. Indian or any other laws don’t support buying and selling of medicines without prescription.

There are many medical stores available online. Best online medicine stores in India are listed below:

MedPlusMart online pharmacy store in india

Medplus mart is one of the leading brand available online in medical industry. It avail medicines and healthcare facilities at discounted rates to cover huge market of customers.


1mg is another top medical store available in online market. It is organized type of store that sell medicines only through verified prescription.

  • BuyDrug


It is another medical store available in online market but not so popular like others as it cover lessee area for delivery than its competitors but the company owns variety of stock. Thus, almost all medicines are available here.

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zigy online medicine

zigy online medicine store is different from other stores. It not only supply medicines but also stocks health records of families with doctors for future help.


It’s famous store in India. It delivers prescribed medicines in time.

Where many customers love these online medical stores in india, there are also some who still fear to order from these website. They have fear or trust issues with these online stores. Whether the medicine is genuine or not. Good things always come with drawback. Online medical stores has its own.