Does your startup need a Webshop?


Does your startup need a Webshop

If you want to share your products with a bigger audience and help your business grow, the answer is yes. Here is how you can start setting up an online store today.

Many start-ups come up with terrific ideas and products that the world was missing before. That is great, but it would be a shame if you were only selling your smart product in your local stores. According to the data platform Statista, over 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online in 2018 – an audience that can be turned into your future buyers if you decide to set up your own web store.

Choose a platform

Many people are scared of integrating a web store to their website, as they believe it needs the skills of a developer. Hiring sounds expensive, especially if you have just started selling. But the good news is that there are many ways nowadays to easily integrate an online store by yourself. Have a look at platforms like Shopify, WordPress or Wix, which allow you to build an e-commerce platform without external help. Compare them to each other to figure out which one is the right choice for your business and start creating it.

Let your products sell themselves

Nobody will buy your product if it does not sound good. People get attracted to products that might change parts of their life, promise them a good experience or simply look good. Add detailed descriptions to your products as well as creative photos. Not only will this make your business look more professional, but it will also help to improve your ranking in search results. Another way to get better results is to integrate a blog to your business. Keep in mind that every blog entry should contain at least one thousand words in order to perform well. You could blog about your products, new developments, milestones or news from the branch you are working for. Just make sure that your content is interesting to your target group.

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Handle your orders professionally

Once you start selling your products online, you will need to keep track of your sales orders to make sure you are not running out of stock and to keep the production on time. Many small makers use Excel spreadsheets to do so. That is fine in the beginning, but it can get quite challenging to keep the sheet up-to-date when the business is growing. For manufacturers who chose Shopify to sell online, it is easy to integrate a management platform that receives information directly from the platform and can then be used for shopify order tracking or inventory management. This will help start-ups to handle their production professionally and to avoid running out of their products.

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Turn users into buyers

Up to 80 percent of all online shopping carts are abandoned before checking out. So, you need to make sure to give your users a good buying experience. How? Be transparent with the costs of shipping and do not force your customers to create an account when they are about to check out. Studies have shown that these are the main two factors to eliminate cart abandonment – and they are easy to avoid.

One thing is for sure: If you follow these simple rules, you will soon see the number of visitors on your page growing. And that will eventually lead to a higher number of sales and more revenue.