Instagram model earns more money from single post than four days of shoot

Gabby Epstein

Don’t believe this? Instagram model herself confessed it in an interview.

Gabrielle Epstein, aged 21, confessed that she is earning more money from posting selfies on Instagram than to work for four days as regular model. The model is followed by more than 1.2 million people on Instagram. She posts fun loving pictures of herself with some product placements.

Each post of this Australian model creates up to 25k likes and so companies are always ready to ride on Gabrielle’s popularity by getting her to endorse their product. She has delicately promoted clothing, jewelry, cosmetic products,website in a process.

Gabrielle is one of Instagram model who are considered gold marketer by advertisers reach over 100,000 followers.

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Endorsed brands pays hundreads of pond or dollar for a post featuring their product.

Now, we should settle big question of all times that how these models earns from posting selfies on social media?

Gabby Epstein instagram post

You could earn as much as a model by executing few steps:

  1. You must create pool of authentic followers, that you increase by promoting your posts organically or buy quality Instagram followers online who love to see your updates and also likes them.
  2. Update your classy and smart pictures on your instagram profile.
  3. These pictures can be related to your work, food, outings and endorsements.
  4. For signing with brands all you need to do is get one lakhs followers on instagram and contact site named, famebit platform that connect you with brands wants to endorse.

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#You are now ready to be high paid model.