Farzi Cafe- One of the best and exciting hangout place in CP

Farzi Cafe

In this world we are entering into such a time that there is so much less time for enjoyment. Everyone is struggling with work related issues and this thing is very true in a place like Delhi where everything seems just so fast and sleek. No one is having time on the weekdays.

In such a scenario the purpose of earning money and living do not justify with our thinking and lifestyle. However if in such a scenario you find a place where you can hangout and chill with your friends anytime. This thing would seem like godsend and solace in the face of all your work related issues.

Going to Farzi Cafe

Farzi cafe cp is one of the most exciting places in and around Connaught place. Just try this place when you are so overworked and got no chill. As you enter this place you will feel like you have been transcended away from your troubles.

In Delhi there is so much of work pressure on everyone. In cp area as well it is very hard to find a place as good as farzi cafe cp Delhi. Even you can ask your friends about a place like farzi cafe. They would not be able to tell you a one like that..

Enjoyment is something which everyone lacks in a place like Delhi and such thing makes us more dull and monotonous. But there is nothing to worry about as this farzi cafe delhi place can cheer you up.

A cool place to hangout- Farzi cafe

It is really hard to listen to a word something like cool when we are indulged in work related issues. But here is a cool place where you can hangout with your friends or family anytime. One will really feel like at home in this farzi cafe cyber hub region. It is very popular among the people around this place and also among the people living far as well.

The cool environment of this cafe is something which attracts a lot of people. The ambience of the place is really good and attracting. The rooms of the cafe are in greys and golds interior.

There is a lot of enough space to accommodate a lot of people in this place. Good music is always going in this place. There are no jangling like sounds which make you unheard and Disturbed.

Go with your friends or family to the cafe

Fargi cafe cp

This farzi place is very really flexible one for a lot of people. It can act for you in the same way. You can go for a party with your friends or collageous at this place. All your friends and you can enjoy a lot as here you can have every reason to party. There is facility of drinks, music, food and other all the common things.

Dance with your friends, have drinks and enjoy the great food of this place at genuine prices. This is something we all want when we play a night out with our friends.

With your family this place is a good option as wall. Spend a good night with family enjoying good food and good music and dance options.

Menu options

There is abundance of things which this place offers. There is no shortage of nothing. You just name it. There is everything in the farzi cafe cp menu for you.

Under the food menu you will have a lot of options to choose from these specifics.

1. Starters
2. Soups and salads
3. Vegetarian
4. Meetha
5. Vegetarian starters
6. Burgers and buns
7. Non vegetarian mains
8. Special items served at specific times only

Under the drinks menu you will have options to choose from the following.

1 Still and sparkling beverages
2. Champagne and sparkling wine
3. White drink options
4. Red drink options
5. Sangria
6. Cocktails pitcher
7. Bunta
8. Gin
9. Tequila
10. Rum
11. International whisky
12. Classic cocktails
13. Farzi shooters
14. Single malt
15. Imported beer
16. Domestic beer

Why choose farzi cafe?

a) Everything of great quality
b) Secure place
c) Good ambience
d) Great staff
e) Dance and music options
Lot of eating options

Find a great place to chill in farzi cafe for yourself and your friends.

Farzi cafe address- Farzi cafe, second floor, E 38/39, Rajiv Chowk.