Top 13 Free movie downloads Website in 2019

Free movies download

In this age of the world, who does not love to watch movies, thriller, horror, comedy, romantic, emotional, drama and of much more genres and when it is available for free of cost you are much more excited to watch that movie. You may be too lazy to go to a theatre to watch a movie or maybe you are not willing to spend bucks to buy a movie ticket or to buy a subscription of Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and Hotstar etc.  When you search for a movie in a web browser to download a long list of websites facilitating such downloading will appear at your window.

But are you concerned about its legality or do you know that the list that comes as a result of your search in addition to being illegal may also contain malware that can infect your Personal Computer? Well if you do not know you should be very well aware of it.

So it may matter to you whether it is illegal or legal but it must matter to you that whether the link from which you are downloading movies contain malware or not. Most of the illegal websites are not malware free.

The problem does not end here but downloading inspirational movies and TV shows from illegal torrent can also put you in trouble. Now, who wants to be in the trouble? So to resolve these issues we are here to provide you with a list of top 13 websites that will help you to download movies legally and free of cost. So use them and get rid of illegal sources and torrent websites now.

13 Legal and Free Websites for downloading movies

1. The Internet Archive

The internet archive

It is one of the top websites for fans to the movies downloaded for free of cost. From this website you can download a range of movies for free, from Jungle Book, Night of the Living Dead, Iron Mask, Farewell to Arms, to The Brother from Another Planet and much more. Though The Internet Archive provided links to download movies earlier also but earlier it provided direct links because of which downloads usually failed because of the large size of the files. But thanks to torrent links now users can get access to numerous movies and shows without spending even a buck out of your pocket. The content on this website is growing continuously as every day a new content is added. This website has a special feature that lures users a lot, it lets the users create a free virtual library card so that you can access forums and upload videos too. This feature also lets you bookmark your favourite content.

2. Retrovision

Retrovision is a valuable resource for downloaders to download movies and classic TV shows. You just need to visit this website to get access to classic and free movies and TV shows in the public domain. This website also has an android app named Classic UHF using which you can get the things in one go. It is very simple and easy to search movies on this site as it has arranged its contents in genre-specific menus. It has arranged its content into different popular categories such as comedy, horror, thriller, crime, cartoons, Sci-Fi, war, drama and westerns. If you want all the content at one place you can do so just by hitting the All Movie List button. To get notified about their latest contents uploaded on the website, sign up for their newsletter for free.

3. YouTube


Besides millions of free cat videos, YouTube also hosts hundreds of movies in public domain. There are a lot of channels on YouTube on which you can watch and enjoy movies for free.

There are some popular channels like The Paramount Vault, Public Domain Full Movies, Popcornflix, and Maverick Movies. It is recommended to use YouTube for watching movies in spite of the difficulties in finding movies on it. The reason behind is that YouTube has good streaming speed and fewer advertisements and you can also bookmark free movies on the YouTube app and watch it later.

4. Crackle

Crackle, owned by SONY, is a popular website for watching free movies online. To watch movies on this website you just need to sign up on the website and create a watch list. After that, you can easily enjoy movies and other series online. You will also be shown recommendations based on your priorities. You might not find movies and TV shows for free to watch on other websites but on this website you can access a range of movies, and TV Shows for free as long as you are not bothered to watch a couple of advertisements and commercials. Its offerings include Seinfeld, Firefly, Sports Jeopardy and many more. This website has android and iOS applications too. Obviously, apps make it easier for you to access things and therefore it is a great advantage of this site. Though some of the content might be blocked in some countries due to license restrictions you can access them using proxy service or a Virtual Private Network.

5. Pluto TV

pluto tv

Pluto TV is one of the favourite websites to watch movies among users. Its layout is just like of a traditional TV layout. It allows you to watch numerous movies for free and offers 75+ TV channels from different categories. For your easy access, these channels are bifurcated into news, TV, movies, tech, sports and other popular categories.  This website also has an official application of itself for all the platforms so that you can enjoy thousands of its content in a much simpler manner. This website also has its own movie channel. For uninterrupted service, you can either use a proxy service or a Virtual Private Network because some of its channels are only accessible for you if you are in the US.

6. Open Culture

Open Culture allows you to access high-quality videos from all over the world. It is a habitat to free online courses, language lessons and your most favorite movies. Open Culture was founded in 2006 and it has mainly six sections – MOVIES, ONLINE COURSES, LANGUAGE LESSONS, E-BOOKS, TEXTBOOKS and AUDIOBOOKS. Its movies section is excellent as it is currently hosting 1150 free online movies that include a special collection of Oscar Winning Movies and Charlie Chaplin movies.

7. MoviesFoundOnline

This website caters to a lot of your needs as it hosts free movies, independent films, TV shows, and stand-up comedy videos too. It offers numerous movies ranging from cult classics and short films to documentaries and comedy movies. It serves you a lot of public domain movies. It does not host or upload any media on its own and thus works actively to delete the movies if there is some copyright infringement.

8. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a free movie streaming website and is owned by Screen Media Ventures. It allows you to access original content and a lot of free movies in public domain. Without spending even a buck out of your pocket you can use this website to access content on any type o device. It offers 1000s of free movies of various categories such as drama, action, comedy, thriller, romance, horror, etc. Its services do not stop here but it also offers free TV shows and full National Geographic series.

9. Classic Cinema Online

If classic cinema attracts you a lot and you are a big fan of them then you are at the right place because Classic Cinema Online can cater all of your classic movie desires. This movie website offers classics such as Bye Bye Birdie, Moby Dick, Lone Ranger, and many more. You can look for the content that suits you and can enjoy movies abruptly here in a much easier manner because it has sorted its content by category feature.

10. Hulu

Hulu is a streaming website for movies and videos and it is based on subscription.

Hulu will be there to serve you with its services even if you choose to opt for a free account that comes with limited content. Some users do not wish to download movies rather they prefer to watch movies online because of lack of storage space. Kudos to them as this website is for them. Users can stream more than a hundred movies without downloading them. Besides movies, this websites also let you watch various TV shows for free. Like many other websites Hulu too has its apps for Android and iOS versions. In some countries, you need to use a proxy service or Virtual Private Network to access it as it is not available in all the countries.

11. Public Domain Torrents

Perhaps the Public Domain Torrents is the only torrent website that provides no notorious activity zone. It is a goldmine of a number of old and classic cinema movies. It offers you to download movies in multiple formats so you can access them as per your need.

12. Vimeo

Like YouTube, Vimeo also has an amazing collection of movies that are available for free of cost. It allows you to access and enjoy a range of free independent movies and documentaries online. There are also a lot of short movies available on the website. By catering movie needs of different genres, it has become a great place for movie lovers. Vimeo also allows you to access paid content and for it offers an on-demand section where you need to pay for TV shows and movies.

13. Yahoo View

Like many other websites, it also offers content for free but you can access most of them only is the United States. In other websites, you can use Virtual Private Network or a proxy service to access contents in other countries but with this website, one can only give a dicey response and cannot guarantee you that you will be able to succeed in doing this or not. This streaming movie website has sorted all of its content in a clean interface, thus allowing you to use it freely and easily by tapping on rectangular buttons of the genre of your interest. Its services do not stop here but it also airs movie trailers, free TV shows and documentaries. Some of its contents on this website are powered by Hulu. It is to be noted that it airs videos with expiration and so under each video, it notifies the time remaining before that particular free video gets expired from the website.

That is not the end. Here we are giving you another list to access free movies that you can check out:

These websites have a great collection of movies and videos and you must try them once to make your holidays enjoying.