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There is always one question that stands still when everything else been taken care of? Which is the best site for watching movies online? The people who just love spending their time watching free movie online with the family. Piracy online is a huge issue the film industries go through these days not only in our country. At present but around all the nations on a worldwide scale the same issue exists. Every now and then right before a blockbuster is to set to release, a pirated copy breaks out of nowhere to take down the entire scenario by a storm.movierulz telugu


Current Scenario

Also in some of the cases right after the movie has landed on the big screens it is already there released on the internet. A low quality, average or sometimes under rare conditions get a good quality movie surprisingly.  Such movies are uploaded on websites like Movierulz Telugu movies and so on. The masses find themselves free while making use of any keywords that might do the part. The keywords that might be taken into consideration various keywords such as

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As of now, we are also familiar with Tamilrockerzand the tale that states that the piracy and let us take a closer look at Movierulz

What do authorities say about Movierulz?

A handful of the authorities have so far made an attempt to lock down the sites like Movierulz, they have now shown up with a few contemporary extensions of the domain. Take a close look at the few domain names taken into consideration by the website of Movierulz

S.NOMovierulz Working Site ListStatus
1Movierulz official WebsiteWorking
4Movierulz .nmWorking
5Movierulz .vipWorking

What film industry has in mind regarding the piracy of movies?

The film industries and giants refuse to keep it down when it is regarding the publication of pirated copies. The uploads of these illegal replicated or duplicated content is strongly opposed. The fact is not unknown that internet has been the prime and leading medium or platform for uploading pirated movie content. The online publishing of such pirated content has been a serious issue for the production houses and has affected the film industry extensively. The piracy of the content is done through the internet of course and is done across countless websites. However, there is always a question that hops in right in front of the masses. The question is of course how the movie prints make an entry in the realm of the dark web. This is the way the piracy of the movies take place.

How is it done?

(A) Getting the teenagers and kids to document it

The most convenient way of getting this done is getting the teenagers to documenting these movies in cinemas in small towns and small cities. The pirates of these movies make a payment of not more than 1200-1500 rupees for a movie. The mark of the movie print states the payment. The better the quality of the movie print, no doubt the payment will be higher.

(B) Getting it from the preview theatres

The other way to get around is a bit expensive and risky. It is done when the premiers of film industry take place. The creators of the movie try to present the masterpiece they have made of impressing the distributors and audience get the spotlight for the movie. In a preview theatre of such sort the people or guys who make a copy of a movie try to bribe the staff of the studio in doing so. That is the place from where the source file of a higher mark or rich quality files takes birth. The raw print of the movie is commanded by the pirates from that point.

 (C) Oversea preview theatres

The other way is laying hands on the document file from the overseas previews. Back in the states, they replicate with the support of cracking a deal with the theatre inmates and by copying it right from the hard disk drives, right before the release or on release or a couple of hours later to release. This is done with the medium of Worldwide Film Distribution technology (W.F.D). Hence the printed version of the movie is created right there. The producers of the movie in greed of creating quick money and create an eagerness among the masses for an affirmative ambience of the movie. But this is possible only if the script of the movie hits the mark.

If it goes elsewise then things may not turn upright for the producers. It will be the completely different scenario for the producers if the movie is not good it will be a loss for the producers, hence a deal that is a loss for the producers who invested such a huge chunk in creating the film. Hence impacting the box office performance of the movie.

Role of Worldwide Film Distribution Technology (W.F.D)

This is where the Worldwide Film Distribution technology (W.F.D) kicks in. However, the W.F.D mechanism is taken into consideration for such a scenario. This technology works and is integrated to function by uploading the file directly by uploading the content to the server and stream. The movie is parted in roughly about 3 to 4 servers to make it more protected. The entire movie is pushed in the servers later to that linked to 3 or 4 servers to ease the movie playing in cinemas. This is a highly secure mechanism. Hence this is used extensively by the multiplexes all around in most countries.


Unauthorized copies of such a movie are purchased by websites like Movierulz. The site authors make sure they did procure a high-end print in terms of rich in a quality print. The Movierulz founders make a contact with the producers, directors and numerous sites which includes torrent as well and earn accordingly. The earnings of the Movierulztelugu are quite high. Saying all that the websites like Movierulz are preferred by the majority of people.