Top 10 French learning institutes in Delhi

french classes in delhi

Getting multilingual, is like becoming a part of new cultures, traditions, society etc.

With learning new languages, we are becoming more open to various jobs, career option and even relationships.

Getting to know people who belong to different countries and able to converse with them helps us to not only boost our confidence but also helps us to know about various things apart from our own beliefs.

We get to know so much about different countries style, economy and what not which makes us familiar and more knowledgeable with the ongoing things in the world.

Be it English, French, Spanish, Japanese or any other language, you certainly reach a height where the chance of getting a job abroad or even settling outside your native land gets higher.

India is now becoming global and advancing itself with technological developments and this is happening only because people of our country are trying and trying to be able to match and converse with other countries.

Learning new languages has now become so easy and convenient, thanks to all institutes that are providing us with the accurate knowledge.

One language that has witnessed a huge amount of students is French.

It is one of the most preferred language which is ought to learnt as second or third language. Learn french in delhi not only enhance many different career options but also help students to adjust to a new culture if they wish to get a permanent residency somewhere in Europe specially Paris.

It is a beautiful country of art, culture and fashion and people relating to these fields want to stay there. Hence, here we are to help you out with top 10 institutes in Delhi, who not only help you learn French but helps you to master in it-

1. ILSC, New Delhi

ILSC, New Delhi

International Language Schools of Canada is one of the best private language schools in the world. Here, they provides expert instructors and administrators who provide quality learning experience. Here, the students are made to learn English, French and about their culture, art. The institution is said to be a finest French language Institute in Delhi as they provide language lab so that the students could have life experience and with learning they could enjoy as well.

The goals of ILSC are to-

  • Improve students language skills within the context of their interest
  • Enjoy with confidence and ease
  • Develop understanding of cross cultural values and sensitivity.
  • Easily adapt into their country of study.
  • Indulges students in 4 language bands namely, speaking, writing, reading and listening.
  • They provide 1.5 hours of class where they focus on study skills and 3 hours class which include communication skills as well.
  • Address- B-17, Gitanjali Road, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.
  • Timings- 9 am to 8 pm
  • Contact number- 084708-66266
  • Duration of course- 3-5 months

Course fee- Rs 8500 to Rs 9000

2. Alliance Francaise, New Delhi

Alliance Francaise, New Delhi

Alliance Francaise is one of the best french language course in delhi which has created a niche for itself. Established in 1884, it has spread its wing in various cities. They provide students with their own published text books and teach them with great methodology. This is a certified institution that provides great learning skills to every student.

  • Their approach is to allow learners to acquire real writing and communication skills through communicative
  • They provide students interesting and natural situations so that they could learn and enjoy at the same time.
  • The books that they have for students learning allows them to discover a new culture while having the benefit of their own culture and traditions.
  • In fact, they are taught grammar, vocabulary and phonetic of the new language in a great manner.
  • Thematic courses are another attraction for the students.
  • Address- KK birla lane, 72, lodi estate, NewDelhi
  • Working hours- 9 am to 6 pm
  • Contact number- 0124-43500200
  • Duration of course- 4-6 months.

Fee- Rs9600

3. World Languages Centre, New Delhi

World Languages Centre New Delhi

With its highly proficient professional trainers, world languages center is an excellent hub for training students in foreign languages. The faculties provide best educational aid and comprehensive courses by giving them an aesthetic environment. They believe in making the world- a fulfilled global village and introduce children to the culture and customs of the countries. They provide coaching in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French and Italian. The institute is best known for french classes in delhi.

  • They teach students beyond notebook and pen. And are fully equipped with the latest technology and methodologies so that learning could become engaging.
  • The Institute provides weekday classes i.e three times a week with one and a half hour session.
  • They focus on reading, listening, writing and grammar aspects.
  • They even have language lab – an audio visual room to improvise students’ vocal part.
  • The institute has its own library so that students could research as much as they want.
  • Address– ED, 35B, Madhuban Chowk, Pitampura, New Delhi.
  • Working hours- 8 am to 8:30 pm
  • Contact number- 011 42486161
  • Duration- 3 months

Fee- Rs 12,000

4. European Institute of Foreign Languages

European Institute of Foreign Languages

European Institute of Foreign Languages is another French language institute in Delhi. It is also known as Foreign Language Guru. The institute offers courses to study foreign languages as well as international studies. They provide students with a platform where students can learn foreign languages with an ease. Apart from French, they teach Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese as well with having trained faculty to teach.

  • Address- 15A/04, Saraswati Marg, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.
  • Contact number- 011 45660965
  • Working hours- 10 am to 8 pm
  • Duration- 3 months

Fee- Rs 18,000

5. Cosmolingua Institute Of Foreign Languages

Cosmolingua Institute Of Foreign Languages

Cosmolingua Institute of foreign languages is another french language courses in delhi. It is one of the leading institute which offers foreign courses with a communicative approach. The main aim of the institute is to provide informative sources to improvise their foreign language skills. They indulge themselves with modern facilities and free internet access so that students could research and know anything and everything they want.

  • Address- 105, sector 8, Dwarka, New Delhi
  • Contact number- 9999910063
  • Working hours- 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Duration- 3 months

Fee- Rs.10,000

6. Institute of Foreign Language

Institute of Foreign Language

This is what I believe is one of the best Language learning institute as it has not only open its doors for students but also for business men, housewives, exporters etc too. The faculty here has themselves come from foreign countries and now they are teaching here.

  • Their main objective is to make students able to converse properly in the new language.
  • They provide students with practical situations.
  • They give personal attention to each student.
  • Address- 11, 1st floor, shakti vihar, Pitampura, New Delhi

Contact number- 8860850389

7. Ecole De Francais, New Delhi

Ecole De Francais, New Delhi

Ecole De Francais is a very famous foreign learning institute in Delhi. They provide students with expertise knowledge so that students could excel in extracurricular fields and could pursue career in the same. They believe in providing students with proper guidance and support.

  • Address- WZ44, Meenakshi Garden, PO Tilak Nagar, New Delhi
  • Contact number- 9811016898
  • Working hours- 3 pm to 7 pm
  • Duration- 3-4 months

Fee- Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000

8. Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Foreign Languages

Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Foreign Languages

It is one of the oldest institutes which offers intensive courses to learn foreign languages. They provide students with proper 3 year courses with 6 semester study course and are awarded with certification and diploma degrees.

  • Address- kasturba Gandhi marg, Mandi House, New Delhi
  • Working hours- depends upon batches
  • Contact number- 011 23382005
  • Fee- Rs 13,500 per sem

Duration- 3 years

9. Delhi University

Delhi University

Who doesn’t know about DU and its perk. Well, DU is also serves as a foreign language institute where they provide courses of French, Spanish and German and more. Colleges like St. Stephens, Mata Sundri College, Jesus and Mary College, Hindu college, Hans Raj College, Daulat Ram College among others provide training in these languages. If you are a regular student, then you can also take classes. Students of 10+2, graduates and even post graduates can apply and the university will help you with college and tell you the fee accordingly. For any doubt-

  • Contact: North Campus, Delhi -110007

Contact number- 011-27667725

10. JNU (centre of french and francophone studies)

JNU (centre of french and francophone studies)

JNU is the first university to create a centre for students to learn French Language in the country. The university holds an entrance exam for the admission to full time french language course in delhi fees. If you want to make your career as a translator, then the institute provides you with best knowledge.

  • Address- CFFS, School of Language, JNU, New Delhi-110067
  • Contact number- 011- 26742575

Apart from these, Jamia Millia Islamia University also provides Foreign Language courses in Delhi.

The demand to learn foreign languages is increasing day by day and with that, the institute offering the learning in Delhi. Before, selecting and enrolling yourself, we believe you must visit the place in person and clear any doubt if you have, after all you would want to learn from the best.