How to Delete a company in Tally ERP 9?

how to delete company in tally


Deleting a firm or a company is really something that should be paid more attention to. However, a company if erased cannot be retrieved. Does this also mean that one should be very careful when there’s a prompt “Do you want to delete”? The step by step guide will help you to delete a company in tally.

It, however, can be taken into consideration while comparing to erasing a ledger or a voucher and very simple. Below is mentioned 2 methods. Both can help you to do the same. However, it is advised to run with a data backup before starting. Let’s go step by step to learn how to delete a company in tally?

So Let’s Begin: How a ledger Could be Deleted in Tally ERP 9?

These mentioned techniques do work for not only the latest versions of Tally but can run smoothly even when you are still on Tally 9, Tally 8, etc.

The reality is Tally decided to keep this option confidential as the person who operates or works on Tally should never accidentally erase the company data. Nevertheless, there is an option to company alteration option just by using the simple shortcut ALT+D.

Removing the company from Tally step by step in detail

1. First of all, one needs to load up the company one wishes to be removed.

2. The next step includes an option on Tally where one will need to press Alt+F3 (This is a shortcut key).

Tally account info

3. Then click the Alt+F3 Cmp info.

4. Later one needs to press the ALT+D shortcut key.

5. Then there will be confirmed message popping up which will be asked on Tally.

6. The user will then need to press the “Yes” option or the “Y” key from the keyboard.

7. This will be followed by the other confirmation message “Are you sure you want to delete”?

8. Then click the Yes option or hit the “Y” key.

9. This is where you have successfully deleted the company from Tally. And you are good to go.

Deleting the company name from Tally

1. A company can be pushed while considering the data or the root folder of the company. For getting this done one needs to be informed of the exact location wherein the data is stored. While on the other hand, one needs to be very much informed about the data folder of the firm one will delete shortly. Therefore this technique was never brought to light by the one who designed the Tally. One can use a much-sophisticated getaway to delete a company.

2. This technique is suggested by the executive Tally solutions. When using the Tally double-check the delete decision. And now let’s get over with it.

3. The first thing that needs to be done is opening, accessing or loading up the company that should be removed. For instance, one wants to remove ABC Inc.

4. Reach the gateway of the Tally and then push the company info button which is at the right side or simply press Alt+F3.

5. The selected firm will be removed. One thing to be kept in mind that one will never be able to retrieve and store data from the deleted company until and unless the advanced tech like data recovery is used by the ones who specialize in the field.

Remove a company from Data Tally folder

This technique of deleting a company is really that simple. Extreme caution should be taken when deleting a company sticking to this method. There is a high probability that the company you delete may be the one you will need in the future. Anyways the professionals who are aware of the in and out about the tally data storage can make use of this in a perfect matter.

Initially, the user needs to locate the number of the folder. Let’s take a look at how the number of a folder can be looked up in the tally data.

Step (I) Reach out to the Gateway of Tally
Later to that one needs to press F1 to choose the company. A quick checklist of the companies will pop up.

how to delete company in tally

Right after that the name it is visible that the bracket inside the number is actually the number of the company data folder.

Right after that, a user is able to delete the ABC LTD. The number is 10001, remember the number.

Step (II)

1. Go to the firm’s data folder if one is unaware of the data’s location.

tally property

2. Next step is right-clicking on the Tally.ERP9.exe application and from there choose the context menu to choose Properties.

tally Property - find target


Hopefully, you understand.


This blog is entirely focused on answering the question on how to delete a company in tally. This questioned has remained unanswered for a very long time. So in here, we come up with the solution to your query of deleting a company in tally.