Tally erp 9 shortcut keys list

tally shortcut keys

In any type of work shortcuts become really important to improve the speed of work. With shortcuts things become easy a lot of times. So if the shortcuts are available anywhere then we must take leverage of that thing.

Tally erp is used a lot of different people for a lot of different purposes. So for speeding up the process of work there are shortcuts available in tally erp as well. A lot of people search for tally shortcut key pdf which we will provide to you.

Need of shortcut keys in tally erp 9

Before here we move to tally shortcut keys pdf for you it is important to understand that shortcut keys play a great part in tally erp 9. The most important thing here is that this shortcut key thing in tally erp 9 helps a great deal in improving the efficiency of data entry process.

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Tally erp 9 is used mostly for data entry process and these shortcut keys can make things easier for anyone working in tally erp 9 and doing things related to data entry process.

Below is the tally erp 9 shortcut keys pdf download link and you can leverage this to a great extent and learn new skills.

Download Tally ERP 9 short-cuts in Excel Format

This tally erp 9 shortcut keys pdf contains a lot of shortcut keys.

Following are the most important types of shortcut keys in this list.

  • Function key combination- Here you will get all the tally erp 9 functions like open company, change date, open vouchers etc.
  • The special key combination contains delete voucher, voucher duplication, delete masters, import export etc.
  • There are special function key combination as well in the form of close company, change period etc.
  • Navigation key combination like viewing previous vouchers, come back to previous screen etc.