18 year old woman selling virginity for 2 million pounds

Aleexandra Kefre selling virginity

Shocking right?

While some are making skits and videos on YouTube, others are becoming sugar babies. But, it looks like selling one’s virginity is the ‘real’ deal nowadays.

A Romania women has posted an ad offering her virginity for 2 million ponds.

Model Aleexandra Kefren

Aleexandra talked to winning bidder on phone and he seems to be very friendly.

Model is also appeared on show named “This Morning” narrating how she got into selling her virginity to a rich businessman.

She also tells much about agency she chose to advertise her virginity auction.


The ad on Cinderella Escorts services claims that the woman is 161 cm tall and weighs 44 kilos with an athletic body.

The advertisement was titled as “Virgin seeks you, Romania”. The girl wants the suitor to take her out for dinner first before they have sex in a hotel. The advertisement was ended with words of girl herself, that “Send me your question and offer. I am open for everything”.

18-year-old Aleexandra Kefren selling her virginity to an unnamed Hong Kong entrepreneur.


Aleexandra Kefren

Aleexandra Kefren said that ‘hotel is booked’ for her big night with the unnamed Big businessman

The girl agreed to give up twenty percent of 2 million pounds to the service providers or mediators, Cinderella Escorts in this whole scenario of selling virginity.

Cinderella Escorts says:

“Over 1 thousands Virgins are requesting us to advertises and conclude their virginity on to good prices.

“Girls from  Australia, Europe, cities of America and from Asia countries.

“Its not new to encounter someone’s wish to sell her virginity”

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