Settle your dreams, travel in private jets with JetSetGo

Kanika Tekriwa jets with jetsetgo

Wanderlust is the term used for ones who loves to travel and wander in the world’s beautiful nature. It is convenient travel in flight than trains. Keeping necessities and budget in mind a startup name “JetSetGo” came up with travelling packages in which they are offering private jet facilities to everyone on nominal prices.

JetSetGo application was launched mid-march of 2017 and after 18-20 months of back flips India’s first private jet service application was launched. It has taken time to come up but the founder was lucky that no-one else came up with same plan in the country so far.

Recently, company disclosed final fare for Delhi to Mumbai i.e. 10K which very cheap and convenient at the same time. Jet is packed with facilities like food and comfortable leather seats. It also takes lesser time to reach the final destination and thus, save time for ones who need emergency travelling.

Along with private jet charter, the company also has a unique offering called ‘JetSteals’ whereby flights on certain sectors at certain times will cost just a fraction of the original amount. “Private jets were never so cheap and easy available to local public. But this company made it true.

Company took proper care of customers need and budget. Thus, provided transparency in prices and fulfill the need of comprehensive professional jet services.