Reliance Jio Tower Installation Process Steps To Install 2019

Reliance Jio Tower Installation

Steps To Reliance Jio Tower Installation

Jio is the new telecom company launched in recent year by the well-known brand, Reliance. It is the subsidiary company of Reliance introduced to take over the Telecom market and the company has successfully succeeded to achieve its goals.

Telecom Service Provider

Today, Jio is considered to be the cheapest telecom service provider available in the market. While the competitors forced to cut down there prices to match Jio services or else they would have lost their loyal customers and market standing against Jio.

Being new to the market, Jio has to install its tower in rural or urban areas for strong signals. Thus, they offer higher prices for the installation of the tower at places as it is the lengthy process and many times people do not agree to install the tower at their places.

The reason behind this denial is the signal waves from the tower which could be dangerous for the people in the building and nearby as it may cause serious diseases like cancer. Therefore, Jio is ready to pay higher or double the price than competitors.

The goal of the company is to spread network frequency in villages, town or cities to satisfy customers with cheap and clear calling and 4G VoLTE internet.

Double prices don’t make the process of installation any easier for the company and the landowner as well to earn good and easy money. The process of tower installation involves many stages where at the primary stage the company, Jio itself doesn’t take a headache to install towers.

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Jio Tower Installation Process

They heir subordinate company who render such services to the Telecom service providers and analyses the need of towers in certain areas. The low-frequency areas are preferable for installation of towers. Therefore, the tender company has to go through many lands before finalizing the final land for the installation of Towers.

The contracting company creates a pool of landowners who are interested to lend their land for installation. After finalizing the land and the area nearby the company follows the further steps for the installation of the Reliance Jio Tower.

This process is more lengthy and complex as it requires paperwork and the registrations or confirmation from many departments. It may include Healthcare department and municipality for the confirmation and registration of the tower in that area.

The installation of Towers not only provides the landowner’s rent but also provide job opportunity for an individual who took care of all the functioning of towers.

They are ready to give higher salaries to that individual who may do this job. Thus, Jio creates a great opportunity for landowners who have vacant lands and has no income from the same.

It is very important for Jio to install Towers in many areas as they have increased the Jio family to 21.5 million in one year and they owe to their customer for clear and quality calling and high-speed internet.

The estimated rent the landowner may get from the installation of Reliance Jio Tower at their places may vary from 20000 rupees to 70000 rupees because of kind of facilities required in that area. As some areas may require high-speed 4G VoLTE internet facilities.

The installation process also includes fraud at times therefore, followings are some steps that you may follow to avoid fraudulent activities at your places.

  • Do not provide your land to any Telecom partner without registration papers and no objection certificate from the government.
  • You should check the IDs of the employees of the company installing Towers at your place beforehand to avoid fraud as the process only be performed by the Jio company staff itself or the subordinate company hired by Jio.
  • Do not give any money inform of application fee or hidden charges to any company, individual or forum as all the cost of installation of the tires is taken by Jio itself, not the landowner.
  • If you found any fraudulent activity before installation of the tower or after the installation process in name of Jio or any other telecom service provider, directly inform to the police and the company for the right steps to be taken.

The steps listed above are for the public as a precaution to avoid fraud and bogus contracts with companies that may use the logo or name of Jio to continue the bogus activity at your places.

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The interested landowners may contact the company, Jio directly is their official website or at the email ID provided by them for their valuable customers.