Let’s Help You To Start Blogging And Create A Community


Blogs and blog posts are very common these days. People are talking about them, finding interest in them and also reading them for many things. So what is this blog or the blog posts?

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Blogs are nothing just a type of website which are having valuable contents on a focused topic. Most of the blog writer, termed as bloggers, often interacts with the reader like they are talking with each other. In such posts, they can share their own personal experience and perspective.

Let’s take an example: you are a new mom and have experienced a lot about new born parenting and got new proven tips about it. Over Google you found many such moms worried about how to tackle such situations. So you can start own blog and write and share about the parenting of new borns and toddlers. Those who find them useful will interact with you and will share your posts too. By this way the blog posts gets promoted and let you even earn money too.

But the basic thing that you need to start blogging is the interest to write on the particular content or topic.

If you are a beginner and desire to start own blog, then this guide can help you.

Step wise guide to start blogging for beginners

A passionate blogger can start writing at any time on any topic. But few steps has to be followed which are quick and easy too. Here are they:

  • A blog name is must to start with. Descriptive paras are preferred since it tells a little bit about the topic that you want to share. Keep these points noted while giving a name to the blog:
  1. Choose a category while naming the blog
  2. Even you can share the life experiences and personal views over the blog
  3. Keep the name impressive so that people find it interesting.
  4. Descript the name but keep in short
  5. Choose the domain extension with the name of the blog.
  • Getting online is must. So, you always need an affordable and reliable hosting provider before you start making a website for your business. But stop here! Always check whether the hosting provider is having a good infrastructure or not. Can that hosting company be able to provide the quality server so that website will live always?
  • Blog customization makes it more acceptable and easily loved by the readers. This can only be done once you log in to the website of your blog.
  1. One can choose the design of the website from the templates if appropriate. Or the customization can be done on the choice of the person too. For the beginners it is best to start with the templates provided and then later on work on the design of the website. Even some themes can be uploaded once you get acquainted with the website.
  2. Besides the design of the website there are other features which can be customized too.
  • Once you get online and do all the necessary things with the website, start writing now. Write your first post and then publish it on your blog posts.
  • Promote the blog posts by sharing the link of the website with more and more people. You can share the link on your social media and other places where more and more people come to know about it. They would read the content and if find interest tell them to share the link too. Even you can do the email marketing for the blog promotion too. it is great way to do the promotion in latest ways.
  • Blog can even be monetized with different aspects. Consider these aspects and you can even get the scope of earning money too. There are different ways of earning money through the blog posts. It also depends much on the promotion of the blogs and how the readers are accepting the posts and the information on the blog.

Benefits of blogging

So, this is what a blogger can follow to start with the blogging. If you love to write and have a high quality standard writing, then it is the perfect way to earn money sitting at home too. Here are some of the benefits of blogging:

  • A great way to make money online sitting at home. if you a retired person or a women having small kids to earn money over online from home
  • Share your story for society or to change the society. It is a good platform to tell everyone about any idea or the thoughts that you are having in mind
  • It is a self recognized business and a good one as a start up option for you. Recognitions over the online and blog community can make you spread your thoughts to all.

Thus why wait and start blogging now. Build up your own community and get popular.