Mahommed Amir Ali, electricians son mopped Rs. 70 lakhs package from JMI diploma course

Mahommed Amir Ali, electricians son

Mahommed Amir Ali, son of an electrician and diploma student from Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) Delhi, mopped Rs. 70 lakhs annual package from Frission Motor Werks, an American firm.

He opted for diploma in engineering from JMI in 2015 after failing for admission in engineering course despite of performing well in enterance exam. Father and son assumed that reason for his faliure is their financial status.

Mohammed didn’t backed down or stopped loving science and technology which led him work on electric vehicles. During pendency of course he prepared an project which was a prototype of his actual future invention as per which if he succeeded, the cost for charging electronic vehicle will be near about zero.

Professor, Waqar Alam was very impressed with Mohammed’s prototype and decided to upload it universities official website, which is when American company based in Charlotte in North Carolina, Frisson Motor Werks, reached out to the college administration.

As per JMI, past records it is the highest package for an diploma engineering student at the college till date.

Mohammed’s father, electrician himself shared his feelings after his son got the job offer and said;

‘Aamir alsways ask questions about functioning of electrical equipment and electricity that even I could not answer despite being an electrician. I always appreciate and encourage him for his hard work. I am very happy for him today’.

Father shared his heart out which shows that there is no-one else happier than a father for his son’s success.