Don’t use drugs to cure, naturopath should be the only to lead healthy life

naturopath lead healthy life

Dr Rukamani Nair, founder of the BNCHY Wellness Medispa, –  a premium brand offering of Bapu Nature Cure Hospital and Yogashram (BNCHY), believes naturopathy cures the emotional, mental and the physical states of a patient to bring about a lasting effect.

Today’s youth is facing lifestyle diseases to which naturopathy is the best solution. It is an alternative method of treatment based on the theory that diseases can successfully be cured or prevented without the use of drugs and by following planned diet chart and leading healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Rukamani, is a pioneer in the field of naturopathy and also first-generation entrepreneur who has treated thousands of patients, including senior bureaucrats and cabinet ministers. She has also shared her knowledge and diet charts under naturopathy with economically weaker sections of the society on naturopathy techniques, empowering them to earn livelihoods as therapists.

Rukamani becoming naturopath doctor is not mere her choice but her need to treat herself. As when she pursued for BSc from Imphal, she fell ill and forbidden for three months which caught her into depression.

At that time her neighbours were going on south India tour and their daughter was studying naturopathy there.

This is when her brother pushed her to learn naturopathy and divert her mind from past incidents and lead further in life. She then developed her love and interest for science of naturopathy.

Dr Rukamani Nair

Dr. Rukamani in her interview elaborating benefits of naturopathy said, “Naturopathy cures the emotional, mental and the physical states of a patient. It is based on the philosophy of ‘healing power of the nature.’

Body heals itself if you give it enough scope. She has also explained five elements of our body— earth or mud, water, air, sun, and ether. Balancing these five elements leads to healthy body. Any imbalance may leads to sickness.

Therefore, naturopathy therapies, diet, and yoga help to remove toxicity from body and balance all elements so that body repairs itself and then recover from the illness.”

She moved to Delhi for work with her to be husband after her graduation. This is when Dr. Rukamani and her husband realized the need of promoting naturopathy as alternative treatment.

She in her interview told that there was no competition in field of naturopathy when they started especially in north India. South India was slightly aware of yoga and naturopathy.

Rukamani is happy to see the response of public towards naturopathy. She believes, that there is lot more acceptance now.

The acceptance that has followed awareness not only about the long-term health benefits of naturopathy but also about the problems with modern medicine. It is quite an achievement to see youth following naturopathy.

She had also emphasised on the importance of mental wellbeing, especially when it comes to women. “Women manage their homes, work, society, and their families all at once. Performing such multiple roles can be very stressful; as it requires them to have a strong mind, and thus mental wellbeing is important.”

Rukamani had introduced five golden rules which she insists her patients follow, and works for all. she recommend all her patients to have seven hours sound sleep a day, drink minimum 2-3 liters of water daily, dedicate a day for fruit diet once a week, have fresh raw vegetables in their diet and a hour of yoga each day.