What Makes Rolex so Special?

What Makes Rolex so Special

Rolex is undoubtedly one of the most popular premium watch brands in the world. Celebrities across the globe adorn this watch and for all the right reason. Rolex GMT Master II, Air King, Sea Dweller, Day Date, President, Datejust, etc. are amongst the all-time favorite watches by Rolex. There are plenty of reasons why Rolex stands out in the market. Let’s discuss some of the main reasons –

1. Materials

Their materials (Cerachrome, 904L steel, Everose gold, etc.) are among the best in the world and have come from spending time on proper development. The equipment, processes, methods, and people they employ are absolutely top-notch. There is no master craftsman painstakingly assembling a grand complication for upwards of a year or more. The movements themselves may be simple and undecorated, but I implore you to challenge me by telling me they’re not absolute workhorses.

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2. A Group of Gemmologists

To ensure that the brand extends top-notch luxury watches to its consumers time and gain, Rolex has a huge team of gemmologists. These experts help in acquiring, testing, and collecting precious materials onto different models. Additionally, the brand employs traditional models to help with handpicking and hand-setting precious stones and diamonds.

3. Styling of the Watch 

I’ll argue to the grave that Rolex has some of the best bracelets in the industry in their current generation. But once again, they didn’t rest on their laurels. The previous generation of the president bracelet performed and held up very well, but the newest iteration is still somehow markedly better. This new technology, and all of Rolex’s improvements will eventually proliferate throughout their entire product line.

4. The Gold Manufacturer 

Rolex is deemed as the only luxury brand that makes its own gold. This is the reason why some of the Rolex’s gold model is expensive than most of the luxury watches. The brand refines 24k gold into 18k white, yellow, and everose gold.

5. Hand-Assembled Movements

Despite the fact that Rolex makes extensive use of robots for production, the tasks performed by machines and robots are actually simple ones. These include sorting, cataloguing, and filing. In fact, watch movements and bracelets are usually hand-assembled. Before watches are sent to COSC for chronometer certification, they are often double-checked and tested by humans to ensure high quality.

6. Impermeability Test 

Rolex watches have impressive impermeability with some of its watches being water-resistant up to 300 meters. To ensure such resistance, each watch is tested under pressurized tanks followed by another text in actual outdoor waters.

7. Technology and Movements 

They constantly push the cutting edge when it comes to enhancing performance, reliability, durability, and accuracy. Since they produce watches and watch movements in large quantities, they have to make them a bit more “fool-proof.” So in the hands of a more educated consumer and enthusiast, their watches perform strikingly well.

The authenticity and allure Rolex watches renders its consumer is beyond what one would get in any other watch. In terms of technology and performance, Rolex offers its consumer nothing but the best.