A Stress-Free Fun Relocation to Your New House


Are you looking to relocate to a newer place? Although it’s an amazing idea, but it can be very exhaustive and time consuming. But there are certain suggestions and advices you can use to ensure that moving to a new house is not as difficult as it seems. There are certain techniques that moving your house become a smooth and stress-free process. Read this article to learn some of those tips! Click here to visit the official website to view the tricks!

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If the Place is Rented, Inform Your Landlord Immediately

Depending on where you live in the UAE, there will be distinct requirement of time when you need to inform your landlord about the relocation. It is one of the very basic things you need to do once you have made up your mind to move.

Make Sure Your Property is Registered

Before leaving and settling in a new house, it is very important to ensure that your property contract is registered in the required office so that you do not get charged by any extra fine or additional fees. Only proceed on the next step once you’re certain you have cleared all the dues and the property contract is registered with the right office.

Get a Good Moving Company

To be sure that the entire process is a hassle free one; without any unseen pressures or stressors. It is very important to get quotations from different moving companies for your relocation and compare the possible packages. Depending on the time you have, try to find at least three difference moving companies for comparison and choose the most competent project out of those.

Get a Moving Permit

There are some buildings and communities that ask you to provide verification for all the dues paid. Be certain to clear all the important dues including service fees, bills etc required by your residential building. It will help you in maintaining a smooth process during while relocating to a new house.

Get A Complete Maintenance Check for Your House

It is also very important to check the entire house before you decide to move in. There can be additional need for fixtures and installations in the new house. It is highly suggested that you get all the issues fixed before moving in your house. A lack of maintenance can ruin your happy days in a new house and create misery and irritations. It is very important to secure a valid maintenance contract for a year. In case of any problem or emergency, you will be able to get a 24/7 assistance help with professional experts.

Design Your House—Before You Move In!

If you have any ideas to implement to beautify the interior design of your house, make sure to do them before you move in. Altering the shape and décor of your house once you have moved in can be very difficult and draining, it is recommended to make any additions or subtractions before moving in.

Depending on the size of your new residential place and the quality of your present furniture, you might want to buy some additional items to be used as furniture and decoration for the new house. Take some time out to go for shopping for the latest items you need before you move in.

Get Telecom and Internet Providers

Get an internet connection and a telecom service before you relocate to a new house. Other than this, you should also make sure there is ample supply of water and electricity in your new house before moving in. If those services are not working, it can take around three working days before they get operational. Make sure you do this before you move in to have a hassle-free relocation to the new house.

Stay Wary of Any Damages/Deductions

As per the residence laws in Dubai, you are supposed to return the house/apartment you were living in the same condition you got it. Failing to do this can result in damage and deductions on the entire deposit amount of your previous residence. Other than this, it can also deter the relationship with your older landlord; which is not good if you want to continue renting house in Dubai. Therefore, make sure to leave on good terms when you end the tenancy contract.