10 Spectacular Products Exported from India to other Country

products exported from india

India has certainly lived up to its much- heralded export growth rate success. The improvements and progress that India has made over the years has set a new milestone with its 323.1 billion USD export market

In South East Asia, the roaring progress of increasing export of products from India is not unheard off in the International market. India is blessed with benefits etched with its strategic geographical location. It has land, air and water connectivity making the export from India easy and convenient. In 2018, the total export from India is estimated around 323.1 billion USD with its 9% growth rate (approx) from previous year.

1. Apparel industry

Apparel includes women’s and girl’s apparel, men’s and boy’s apparel, toddler wear clothing accessories, sportswear, hosiery, other clothes, etc. It is the most demanded products in India, owing to the increasing preference for ready-made garments and increased disposable income. Fueled by emergence of various e-commerce platforms like flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc offering wider range of stylish garments and the increased use of plastic money nurturing a prodigal behavior have made it the most demanded products in India. Apparel and garment industry has contributed 2% to India’s GDP.

Not only domestically, apparel industry contributes 15% to the total exported products from India. Indian textile industry has excelled in delivering high quality finely woven garments especially cotton and silk. India is the leader in cotton production in the world. In 2018, cotton exports from India generated revenue of around 8.1 billion USD. These are best products to export from India in US, Middle East, South East Asia, European countries. India’s apparel export from India is expected to outshine its potential with its 82 billion USD market in the coming years.

2. Antiques and handicrafts

Wondering how and what can I export from India? Antiques, art work and handicrafts are popular export products from India to other countries. India has deep rooted rich cultural heritage unparalleled across the globe. Our country represent cultural melting pot of various empires, civilization, religions, regions, traditions and culture leaving behind a boastful legacy of fine craftsmanship and talented artisans. Terracotta sculptures, pottery, embroidery, painting, metal, wooden and brass handicraft have great potential in global market. During British dominance in India, Britishers contributed in exporting hand-crafted products of India and this handicraft export from India is still intact and growing further. The profit margin on this product is very high. The products that are sold at some hundred of rupees in India is sold at thousand of rupees abroad. Foreigners that are hobbyist and collectors who appreciate art and don’t mind splurging out a bit has boosted handicraft exports from India. You can easily start this business as it doesn’t require huge capital investment. You need to foster a good network with the local artisans and craftsman.

3. Homeopathy medicines

Homeopathy is the world’s second largest medicinal treatment system according to World Health Organization. Both India and China Shares 70% of the total herbal medicine market with many natural remedial plants. Homeopathic medicines are the best export business in India because the price of medicines is not high in India. You can gain an exceptional profit margin from its export from India.

Domestically, homeopathy medicines are most demanded products in India. It is ranked at 3rd place in Indian medicinal system with allopathy and Ayurveda at the top two places in terms of usage. Homeopathy works on the principle of ‘likes cures like’. Homeopathy had gained trust of millions both domestically and abroad. Another benefit of Homeopathy is that it is quite cheaper in comparison to allopathic medicines.

4. Dairy products

India remained the world leader when it comes to milk and milk related products. Majority of the rural population is engaged in cattle rearing and supplying milk to the households and companies. India has the world largest population of bovine animals which facilitated its number one position. variety of products are now made with milk like flavored milk, probiotic drinks, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, ghee, khoya, ice cream, butter, cream, sweet condensed milk, paneer, etc. With the advent of crossbred technology, it has improved and increases the milk production capacity of animals. Dairy industry is the best export business India making revenue of 185.49 million USD in 2018. The major consumer of these products exported from India is UAE, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, and Afghanistan. The domestic traditional habits of milk consumption treads on a rapid pace, this is partly the reason that India is not able to further expand its dairy products export from India.

5. Leather products

There are many large tanneries established in the country producing high quality leather and leather made products with major production centres in Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Ambur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kanpur, Agra, Cochin, Jaipur, etc. India is a second largest exporter of raw leather and leather made products across the globe. Leather made products like footwear, belts, clothing, purse, wallet, travel bags, laptop bags, etc has boosted it growth, making it the most exported product from India. Revenue of 1420 million USD is generated from leather export products from India to other countries like US and EU. More than 1000 companies are engaged in leather production and high profit margin making it the best product to export from India.

In domestic market, it is most demanded product in India by high- end income customers. 50% of the leather industry business is in domestic market.

6. Meat production

What can I export from India? Meat export is a potentially better option to go for. India is world’s 5th largest country contributing 6.3 million tonnes of meat production but India has the potential of being at the top-most place which is under-utilized.

There is huge demand for meat in the international markets. There are more than 50 countries that eats meat the most (to give perspective 120kg meat per person in one year). It also supplies sea food to other countries that has huge demand. India with its geographical advantages is exposed to many water bodies that gives ready sea food market. Major countries where meat products exported from India are Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Australia, and Malaysia. The profits are really high making it the best export business in India.

7. Ceramics

The ceramics atoms are strongly bounded together making it stronger than the metallic. Owing to its property, it has multitudinous usage. It is used in making glass, tiles, pottery, cement, china plates, bricks, etc. It is the best export business in India because enjoys the second place among the world’s largest ceramic tiles producers. Saudi Arabia, Europe, Mexico and Middle East are major consumer of export from India.

It is also the most demanded product in India as the country is moving towards infrastructural development with rising disposable income and social initiatives of Government of India aiming to make India, a defecation- free country under Swacha Bharat Mission and aiming to improve infrastructure development, standard of living by building up more than 100 smart cities in the next two years. With the widening bracket of increasing demographic, a significant percentage of people will fall under working class which will contribute in rising housing needs. All these factors contribute in making it best products of India to commence business in.

8. Petroleum products

Oil and gas is the most demanded product in India.  In 2018, the import of oil is amounted to 87.37 billion USD as compared to 70.72 billion USD in 2017. Besides its huge consumption growth rate, India is the second largest refiners in Asia. It caters to the fuel needs of its adjoining nations like Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Oil products exported from India amounted to 48.3 billion USD amounting to 14.9% of the total export from India. Demand for oil export from India has huge demand in the developing nations making it a profitable business making it the most exported products from India.

9. Machinery

Machinery is the key driver of any manufacturing industry. India produces heavy electrical machinery, railway equipments, printing machinery, textile machinery, tanneries equipments, food processing machines, construction equipments, oil refinery equipments, etc. Also computer and computer parts manufacturing has great demand outside. The export from India of machinery earns around 20.4 billion USD in 2018.

10. Gems and precious stone

Don’t stress yourself with the daunting questions like what can I export from India?

Jewels and jewellery products of India has a tremendously huge market. The legacy of adorning oneself with jewellery and precious stone is deep rooted in Indian history, dating back in antiquity. You just can separate Indian women and jewellery. People of India attaches aesthetic value to it as witnessed in various traditional folk dance formers where women embellish themselves with ornaments. The jewellery is not only created for women but for god and goddesses. The tradition has attracted significant global attention and boosted Jewels export product from India to other countries. There are many types of gems and jewellery like bead jewellery, fashion jewellery, custom jewellery, gold jewellery, handmade accessories, Ivory ornaments, meenakari jewellery, stone jewellery, tribal jewellery, bridal jewellery, etc. Gems and precious jewellery generated revenue of around 40.1 billion USD by export from India in 2018 making it one of the most exported products from India.