Kirana Store: The small neighborhood shop in India

kirana store

Kirana store is the small neighborhood shop in India. These small shops stocks up with vide range of groceries and daily need products like sanitary products, snacks, tobacco etc. These kirana stores are also known as corner shops, C- store or convenience shop. These convenience stores are also found at petrol pumps or gas station to satisfy the basic needs of consumer while traveling.

These stores do not offer any type of discount or any type deal that supper market or groceries stores may offer as these stores hold limited stock. Thus, prices are competitively higher than supper stores. These stores may offer everything you need but on fixed time as they are time bounded open only for few hours a day as per owners choice.

Digital technology has changed the world in such a way that not even one day could be possible without its use. It has done in facts what is just a fiction century ago. Now you can book cab to your door and buy fashion stuff and have food deliveries at door step.

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But there are some things that are not changed or can be changed with time or introduction in technology i.e. kirana stores. There are many factors available that has kept kirana stores alive and evergreen as never before which are as follow:

  • They are easy to access. Whenever in time you are need of something available at these stores is available to you.
  • No need to wait for deliveries. You can go and buy anything at your nearby store in no time.
  • It has a vide range of common product consumer need. But in limited sense.
  • They can easily analyse the needs and wants of consumer as operates on and from local level.
  • If you are regular customers they also provide home deliveries.
  • There are over 12 million kirana stores available in country at present.
  • There are few people who still believes in buying stuff in real i.e. buying product after analyse its features with own hands. It’s also called human interface.

There will always be arguments regarding online e-commerce and offline kirana stores. In my opinion they both offer different benefits in different ways. There are pros and cons of both the types and the discussion is never ending.

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  • Because of human interface, consumer may develop personal relationship with retailers and may also get good deals in terms of purity and with a piece of advice that you may need for choosing the best for yourself.
  • The offline kirana shops and online kirana stores are interlinked as these online stores take products from these small stores and deliver at your place. In this way it benefits everybody around i.e. online and offline stores.
  • There are many more kirana store offer that consumer need other than product they need i.e. credit. You may get small credits at the time of urgent and necessary need if you hold good relationship with these stores owner.

As we all are aware of the fact that old is gold. So, are these kirana shops that are operated from centuries and there is no end to their growth with developing technology. Kirana shops will always settle the needs and wants of people by reaching every corner of the locality.