10 WordPress Business Ideas To Start This Month

10 WordPress Business Ideas To Start This Month

There are so many businesses you can simply start today. The digital world of technology has given us every key to start our own projects and businesses. The bigger question nowadays is not how to start a business, the bigger questions is how to choose it right.

To get some great inspiration here you’ll find the best business ideas to start on WordPress this month.

Sell Custom Shirts

A great business idea is to use a print on demand platform. Make your own shirt – Create and sell custom shirts online – the best thing about it is that the only thing you’ll need to do is make the designs. Maybe also plan a marketing strategy so that people would start to notice your shirts and your brand.

Become A Graphic Designer

Graphic design is in a very high demand and it’s most likely it will stay this way quite for a while. But in order to show off your skills, you’ll need to create a website with your portfolio. Make sure to add a wordpress contact form plugin from Captainform – this way people will be able to reach you easier.

Become A Web Developer

This is another business idea that will require you to have a website with your contacts and a portfolio so that people can check out the examples of your work. Many businesses need a website nowadays, so you shouldn’t get through much trouble finding job opportunities.

Start Developing Apps

Start Developing Apps

Image credit: Rob Hampson

Apps are something we encounter every day. It’s a great source of fun, games, news, sports, music, and so much more. So why not start creating them? More and more companies want an app of their own, so it’s a great opportunity for you to jump into this business.

Sell Crafts

If you have some skills in creating crafts, you should take your talent online. Nowadays people really value original and unique items, especially if they’re ecological. You can easily start a small e-shop on WordPress. Just don’t forget to promote it – visitors won’t come to buy your products if they don’t know you exist.

Marketing Manager

Every business could use a professional marketing strategy. And you now marketing quite well, you could build yourself a website to advertise your services. Just continue promoting yourself and get active on social media – you should be receiving job proposals in no time. Here you’ll find some tips to help you create a marketing strategy for your clients.

Facebook Consultant

Facebook Consultant

Image credit: Tim Bennett

A Facebook strategy could be a part of a huge marketing plan and strategy, but it has so many nuances, that it can be separated into a different niche and worked on. Surely, the whole marketing strategy still needs to have a common purpose, but Facebook has so many opportunities that it can have a separate specialist.

Instagram Genius

Instagram generates so much content lately, that any business who sees Instagram as a serious marketing tool, needs to hire a specialist. There’s just so much that can be done on Instagram, including the strategic planning and all the content creation. And here are some apps that will help you get more followers on Instagram at first.

Monetize Your Blog

If you already have a WordPress blog, you have a great chance to monetize it – if you haven’t done it already. There are a few ways you can do it: you can promote other brands, write reviews or even sell your own merchandise. Or someone else’s merchandise and gain a percent of the profits, if it goes along with the whole theme of your blog. And this will be the good way to make the money through your blog.

Create Your Own Course

For those of you who speak languages very well or know some other subjects better than others do – you should create a course of your own and sell it. You’ll have to work a little to get your website popular at first, so you should also place your courses on special websites that sell other courses too.