Wear new clothes every day, Sell and Buy your old clothes on “Elanic”

sell and buy old clothes on elanic

A problem that each Woman face every single day, they don’t have anything to wear while they have a closet full of clothes. It is the fact that women shop much more than men but every morning they end up having no clothes to wear for the day.

It was the only reason for this startup as the founders are the friends and one their girl friend Narahari face this problem every day. They got idea from their friend’s problem and decided to set up a platform majorly for women where they can trade their fashion stuff i.e. clothes.

Application named “Elanic” is developed for Indian women to trade their used clothes as they have stuff which is not of their use anymore or choice.

The application elanic is same as online fashion brand Myntra.

The only change is that you can sell and purchase used product on this platform. The application is people-friendly as it is very easy to use, picture of clothes reflect at your screen with certain price and if you like it so make a offer and purchase it.

However, online platforms are least trusted and more over this startup is dealing in used products, they have one more reason to be not trusted. As there will be lack of trust between buyer and seller since, there is no measure of quality and standards of the product.

The company has targeted two things which are;

  1. Trust among seller and buyer.
  2. Avoid hassle in payment.

The team of elanic has full faith to grown in market as they are providing platform that one may need in future and not today. But it will work grow day by day, said founder.

Elanic have list of 2 lakhs and above products and over 3,50,000 downloads.