StoreKing, e-commerce brand started from commerce


Sridhar Gundaiah, tech expert from small town few kilometers away from Bangalore come up with the application named “storeKing” that enable consumers to buy product of their need from 80,000 products value of worth Rs. 10,000.


The minimum purchase value from storeking is much higher but more beneficial for customers as well as retailers. Yes, you read it right local retailers of this country can be benefited from purchase on shopking. They can earn commission on sale of each product of 6-10%.

Gundaiah had wandered shop to shop for marketing of this app. Storeking is operated from stores in town whether small or large scale. All they have to do is install storeking in their system at stores and guide the valuable customers to purchase the product they need from the vary app. Thus, process is followed and when the transaction or sale is completed the retailers earns its share of profit and customers get additional discounts.

Admittedly, it is very difficult to convince retailer to install storeking on their system as the concept is very new to them and they hesitate to invest in such application which has minimum sale value of Rs. 10,000. It is very rare to find customers that purchase product of such higher value.

It took time for Sridhar to convince retailers but he linked above 25,000 retailers to storeking in about 18 months.

Storeking offers products that are not in reach of customers as not available in local market. It has products from anti-aging creams to mobile phones.

Storeking has exclusive partnership with online store giant Amazon India and it vision to become highest selling store available online till date.

The company operates from 2 tier and 3 tier cities like Karnataka, kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhara Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Sridhar in an interview said, it was pure chance then that this innovative undertaking was driven by commerce. “I wanted to take an approach that would connect people in a way that they could understand the uses of technology in a simple yet utilitarian way and e-commerce was one way of doing that,”.