Top 7 Types of Entrepreneurs in 2019

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Who is an Entrepreneur?

Every entrepreneur has a unique characteristic and is not the same as another one. Though they tend to share a common vision of having freedom for themselves and achieving work-life balance, their personality and traits differ from others. In the present time, we have countless opportunities to establish enterprises that help us live our life the way we always wanted.

An entrepreneur faces challenges every next moment. He has to deal with them and make his venture capable enough to take it to the milestone of success so that he has a motivational drive to carry on with the business.

It may take time for the business to start earning profits, and for a time one can’t expect superlative profits. To deal with all this an entrepreneur needs to be calm, compose and patient.

As the personalities of every entrepreneur differ from others, you should have knowledge about different types of entrepreneurs so that you can introspect yourself and decide what kind of entrepreneur you want to become.

7 Different Types of Entrepreneurs

1. The Doubtful Entrepreneur

These types of entrepreneurship closely perceive the success of other entrepreneurs with suspicion and instantly jumps to a conclusion and start doubts it. They inspect and analyze the business of that person and gazes for the fortunate and favored breaks, or the legacy they meditate that successful entrepreneur in India had acquired.

Either it’s the information or former life learning that made them doubt others’ success. They don’t believe it’s promising without all the right things sinking into place. They are full of doubts and always make excuses for others success.

These types of entrepreneurship personality is very scary and this kind of persons can’t take their business to new heights because they will be stuck with unimportant things in their surroundings. When an individual can’t perceive or consider success is possible, he/she will never be able to make the right decisions for the betterment of the business.

They always stay stuck, make excuses and believe it because of their skeptical mind-set. These kinds of entrepreneurs focus more on spreading hoax and doubts about others and thus end up with nothing in their hands.

2. The Imitating Entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur is a kind of imitating personality. They closely follow the accomplishments and pathway of others and tries to copy them exactly from top to bottom. They come out as a copycat with formatting and displaying their website, business cards, marketing, and the way of presenting themselves all same, exactly the same way of a top-notch entrepreneur in their industry.

Take Gary Vaynerchuk (an American-Belarusian entrepreneur) as an example. Gary entered his family’s wine business and grew it from $3 million to $60 million. He later entered in the marketing industry and helped brands grow their business. He is an author, enterpriser, speaker and internet superstar. When Gary became famous, there had been an entire surge of individuals who exactly follow him.

It is not much erroneous with modeling personality of another entrepreneur — in reality, it is really very clever but then there is an extent to which the person should be copied, there should never be a blind approach of it.

Modeling success means you see what works and what proved to be good and bad for other ventures, analyze those factors and figure out how to make it relevant to your business. By modeling, you learn from others mistakes and try not to commit the same mistakes in your business.

But copying others can put you in trouble too as what factors may benefit their business might prove to be fatal for your business. This is because of every business deals in a different environment and different conditions. So if you are a copycat entrepreneur, mend your ways. Be honest and switch copying to modeling.

3. The Analysing Entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur likes to analyze and explore new opportunities. They analyse every potential situation, pros, cons, and concludes for strategies to launch or take a business to greater heights.

Your research work should not be a demotivating drive for you, it should become an excuse for not taking action. Do the research and take actions after analyzing every aspect.

Always try to learn the thing which could help you grow your business, and what could benefit your business and after that implement those factors. Most of the enterprisers try to learn everything and stay confused the rest of their lives.

The key to success is not only learning but learning and applying. The applying of that learning has to occur in some form because learning is of no use without the application of concepts & ideas.

4. The Strongminded Entrepreneur

These type of entrepreneurs is my favorite. They haven’t “made it” yet nevertheless they will for sure achieve their desired goals, no matter what the conditions rise.

They understand the significance in entrepreneurship, they realize that victory is promising without modeling and imitating, at most they adopt the model of other successful ventures and they are focused to see to all they can to launch or grow their enterprise and take it to newer heights with their willpower and determination.

Launching and nurturing an enterprise can be tough but not impossible. It may take time but it is at all times promising to succeed.

In order to take your business wherever you want, you must alter your approach from concentrating on what other individuals ponder “truth” to exploring what the definite truth can be. Entrepreneurs do not become successful while sitting comfortably, they deal with extreme situations and harder challenges with a strong mind to become successful and prosperous. So we can say that they are strongminded in every phase of their life.

5. The Experienced Entrepreneur

The experienced entrepreneur has gone through all the stages of entrepreneurship and building his own business, and has got hold of accomplishments after putting a lot of efforts and confronting every challenge at every stage.

These type of entrepreneurs have understood all the things that can aid their enterprise to reach the road to achievements. They know how to bond and deal with their customers and how to crack the biggest problems.

They experience true freedom and understand it very well. This understanding makes them work in a manner so that they use their time & freedom wisely.

6. The Builder Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur focuses on creating a business out of scratch and because he is the one who creates, he is named as the Builder entrepreneur. They think out of the box rather than following the already set trend so that better results can be expected. These types of entrepreneurship are more focused and driven.

They are usually experienced in every major sector of business, be it management or technology. These types of entrepreneurship invest his/her own money and sacrifices his/her time for making something productive.

A well-known figure in this profession is V.G. Siddhartha, founder of Café Coffee Day. As he was born into a family of coffee planters for the last 140 years, his journey to becoming the owner of India’s largest coffee chains is indeed inspirational. He is the entrepreneur who has all the qualities required to be a builder.

7. The Wannabe Entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur work in big Multinational Companies and they always keep them in the superior position. If you ask them a bit about themselves or make an inquiry about them, they will boast about how good they are at doing the great things and how confident they are to start an enterprise.

They are cry babies who burst out their needs to everyone. They lack money, a great idea and enough time. That’s why the wannabe entrepreneurs never go beyond their wannabe stage because if being an entrepreneur was that much simple, everyone would have become Tata, Birla, and Ambani. Actual entrepreneurship is not their cup of tea.


After knowing all these different types of entrepreneur, you must have realized in what category you belong to. Know the reality and mend your ways; mark a change if it desires to be made. Accomplishments will be contradictory for every entrepreneur and so their success story.

Success requires effort & time because enterprise takes time to settle in a particular marketplace and until then the entrepreneur needs to have patience and willpower to deal with ups and downs. Growing a business could take a lot of your time, but the autonomy and self-esteem the entrepreneurship provides are most valuable.

It all starts with determining what objectives you need to attain for building your enterprise achieve heights and what are the pathways you have to follow to accomplish the goals.

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