Different types of SEO small businesses need to know


In this age and time where new websites, brands, and enterprises sprout on a daily basis, it can be tough to be a small business. There is so much pressure to provide the best for your customers and still compete fairly with your competitors, some of which are prominent brands. SerpBook is a site you want to get on to find out how you can track your ranking on search engines, observing how to get ahead of your competitors.

types of SEO small businesses

As small a business you may be running, there is still hope for you to increase your visibility and domain authority online. All you need to take up unique types of SEO that have been tried and tested, even by renowned businesses.

Submitting your page to Google

Assuming that Google will crawl and correctly index your website is a terrible risk to take. Sure Google eventually finds your content and crawls your website, but there is something you can do to speed up the process.

Google Search console helps you check your indexing status, optimize visibility and monitor search results from Google for your property, which is the pages you submit. Submitting your pages to Google tells Google specifically what to index from your site. To submit your website, join Google Search Console, register, then send your site’s XML sitemap.

The best part is, this entire service is free, and you can submit new content as you will, removing any other that you do not want Google to crawl or consider for your rank results.

Also if you want to check your SERP then you can go to SerpBook site which is the great tool to track your ranking that delivery you real-time data also you can try it for local tracking.

Networking and relationship building

People are important to you as a business. You need them as investors, customers, marketers and even employees. Deciding to take your business digital is the most fabulous idea yet, but that does not mean a compromise for people relations.

Building relationships online goes a long way in boosting the visibility of your brand. The first thing this does is show your audience that they are important to you, building you’re a solid, loyal fan-base that can turn out to be your greatest advocates and brand promoters.

Besides, relationships are the most straightforward route to follow when pursuing link earning. You can do so much including guest blogging, but it is the stable relationships that make you stand out as a business.

Keyword research

Whether you are new online or not, keyword research in essential as an SEO best practice. Before you can think about ranking first on search engines, you need to ask yourself, ‘what do you want to rank for?’ Soon after determining what your main goal is as a small business, it is about the right time to indulge in keyword research.

Keyword research is the route you need to be following to understand what your target audience wants to here, and how you can shape your content to befit those needs. There are numerous SEO tools you can get your hands on to improve on your keyword research, the most basic one being Google Keyword Planner.

Before getting started on keyword research, identify prime niche topics from which to filter out your identified keywords. You want to be the one controlling the kind of results to expect from your research, not the other way around.


Landing page optimization

Once you have ideal keywords to work with, you must figure out the best way and place to use them. Landing pages are what will guide the audience to the very information you want them to find. Optimizing a landing page will require that you create pages that will rank for your identified keywords. Remember that Google crawls web pages for information to index, so might as well give it to them.

Your landing page should be long enough to communicate to your audience and to search engines, by making each page on your website unique from the others. Keep the URLs to your landing pages simple and as closely rooted to your domain as possible, for consistency. While at it, keep your focus on very few keywords, preferably, target two or less.

Link building

A linkless site or one with a poor link structure is plain and weak as concerns domain authority. Failing to concentrate on link building simply communicates that your website is not credible enough to be link-worthy. Link building involves incorporating both outbound and inbound links.

Inbound links help your visitors, whether first-time or regular ones, to effortlessly find older web pages in your site that might contain information they would find interesting. For outbound links, earning them earns your trust among your audience and authority for your domain with a spot high on the search rank results. The question here is, is your website link worthy?

Site technical audit

You can do so much right as regards SEO, but still, something can go wrong. This time it could be broken links, the other time blocked pages. A technical audit involves analyzing your website for all technicalities, to check what you are doing right and what is failing you.

Google alone has a couple of standards and tools to help you along with the technical audit, including, Google Search Console. You want to find out how your website is performing in search engines and how much competition you are facing for particular keywords. With a crawl simulator, you can get the inventory for all your page URLs, CSS files, images, and scripts.

Social media

Joining social media today is a no-brainer. Social media is no longer for individuals seeking to build relationships. Businesses are embracing social media for all kinds of reason, the chief one being digital marketing. The different social media platforms are saturated with people, better still, grouped according to interests.

Joining social media is the easiest way to finding an audience-base that is already interested in your industry, and perhaps the products and services you offer. Ensure you are highly involved with your audience by joining forums and communities, better still, holding personal conversations, careful not to be overly unprofessional.

Bottom line, SEO can work for anyone. Regardless of how big or small your business is, it is your sustained effort to optimize your website that will help you thrive online. People are waiting to access your products if only you let them, and SEO is how to go about it.