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VMware produces the desktop virtualization software and server that simplifies the Information Technology functions across the universal IT infrastructure, across mobile devices and Cloud, and in data centres. There are some other products offered by VMware, includingvSAN, vRealize Suite, and Horizon.

General Overview of VMware Certifications

The VMware credentials are very important for those professionals who want to work in the IT field. This is simply because VMware is a leader within the sphere of virtualization space. The specialists who work in support virtual environments and/or data center are the major target audience of the VMware certifications. The credentials offered by the companyare based on an edition of the related technology, which is mainly vSphere. The implication of this is that the VMware credentials are adjusted in response to changes in technology. However, it is crucial to note that certificate updates are usually reduced when compared to newly released virtualization technologies. Generally, the VMware credentials are grouped into different categories, namely:

  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • Desktop & Mobility
  • Cloud Management & Automation
  • Digital Business Transformation
  • Digital Workspace

Each of the categories comes with different levels of certification. They include:

  • VCA – VMware Certified Associate
  • VCP – VMware Certified Professional
  • VCAP – VMware Certified Advanced Professional
  • VCDX – VMware Certified Design Expert

Depending on the certificate, the candidates need to take some courses (visit the website to find more study materials) and pass the exams. The VCDX certification requires more commitment and prerequisite from a person. The students must first earn all the prerequisite credentials, develop production ready solution, and defend it before a panel. The professional and higher-level credentials require that the individuals recertify the certification every two years in order to retain it. To learn more about the recertification process, you will need to visit the official VMware webpage.

VMware Data Center Virtualization (DCV)

The VMware DCV credentials are focused on skills and knowledge of vSphere 6 and vSphere 6.5. The VCP6-DCV (VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization) and VCP6.5-DCV(VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization) are very popular certificates designed for those candidates who have a six-month experience working with infrastructure technologies of VMware. According to VMware, over 100,000 professionals havealready earned this certification. The specialists with this credential is proficient in the process of installing, managing, and implementing VMware vSphere environments. If you are new to the world of VMware data center virtualization, you will be required to go through a training course, take and pass the exam.

VMware Network Virtualization (NV)

The NV certification portfolio is designed for the IT professionals who manage, implement, and design the VMware NSX environments. The VCP6-NV certification is targeted at the individuals who have at least six months of experience in configuringand administering NSX executions. The candidates are required to take a training course and pass two certification exams. Those applicants who have a valid Data Center credential do not require the training to be qualified for VCP6-NV. The Network Virtualization certification category only has one advanced certification for now, which is VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Network Virtualization Deployment. To earn this certificate, the candidate must have the VCP6-NV credential and also pass the VCAP6-NV Deploy exam. In addition to this, the students must possess a two-year experience in general IT and in deploying the VMware NSX environments.

VMware Desktop and Mobility

The VMware Desktop and Mobility credentials are aimed at those IT professionals who manage and deploy VMware with the View Environments. The VCP7-DTM (VMware Certified Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility) is designed for the candidates with a minimum of six months of experience working in environment using Horizon 7 and vSphere 7. To earn the credential, it is required that the students attend a training course and pass either Sphere 6.5 Foundations (2V0-602) or vSphere 6 Foundations (2V0-620). In addition to this, they must also take and pass the VMware Certified Professional7 – Desktop & Mobility (2V0-751) certification exam. There arethe Advanced Professional certificates under the Desktop and Mobility category, and they include VCAP6-DTM Deployment and VCAP7-DTM Design.

VCP7-DTM is a prerequisite for both of these certificates. One should also attend one course. After that, one must pass the required exam.

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VMware Cloud Management and Automation

The Cloud Management and Automation credentials validates the skills of candidates working with vCloud Suite such as vRealize, as well as advanced and other general Cloud computing skills and knowledge. There are currently three VCP-CMA certifications offered by VMware: VCP6-CMA, VCP7-CMA, and VCP-CMA 2019.

Those individuals who have no experience with vRealize are required to go through a mandatory training course and also pass the exams. For the VCP-CMA 2019 credentials you have to pass one of the three tests. One of them is VMware vSphere 6.7 Foundations 2019. There are three VCAP certificates offered under the Cloud Management and Automation certification program, and these are VCAP7-CMA Design, VCAP6 – Cloud Management and Automation Deployment, and VCAP – Cloud Management and Automation Deploy 2018.

How to Prepare for VMware Certification Exams?

VMware exams are not considered easy. Besides training courses, it is recommended to use some other tools. You can find a lot of resources on the Internet. There are books, instructor-led courses, exam dumps, and etc. It can be difficult to choose the platforms with materials of good quality. That’s why try to visit PrepAway. It is a popular study resource. PrepAway courses and practice tests help the students around the world pass their exams. If you doubt whether it is worth your time, go to the website and read the users’ reviews on PrepAway.


Earning the VMware certifications is a great way to boost your career potentials in the IT field. To learn more about the certification categories and the career path, it is recommended that you visit the VMware website. For your preparation, use the official resources (VMware) and additional study materials (PrepAway).