Where to find help if you are facing bankruptcy

Where to find help if you are facing bankruptcy

Facing bankruptcy is very scary and stressful and it is a situation no one wants to be in. However, help is out there for people facing bankruptcy but finding it isn’t always easy. Many people facing bankruptcy feel like they are all alone without any help or assistance available.

But in this post, I’ll be explaining how people facing bankruptcy can get all the help and support they need. These help and support networks won’t always be able to stop a bankruptcy from happening but they will be able to provide help and advice to people.

Going bankrupt isn’t a pleasant experience and the whole process can be long and stressful but it is survivable and while it might sound cliché you will come back stronger from it. So, without further ado let’s look at where to find help if you are facing bankruptcy.

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Upsolve isn’t a traditional support helpline but it is a valuable resource for people considering a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Founded in 2016 Upsolve is a recently new non-profit legal aid organisation that operates in many different states throughout the United States.

Upsolve is designed to help make the bankruptcy process easier for people and they have an in-depth guide on their website that helps layout exactly how they take you through the process. You can also use Upsolve to find out more about the bankruptcy process and they will be able to advise you on whether it is the right path for you to take.

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The United States Courts

Visiting the United States courts websites can be a great way to get some general guidance on bankruptcy from an official source. While you will find plenty of websites online explaining the bankruptcy process the documents and guides available from the United States courts are more in-depth.

There are also valuable links to other areas like information on bankruptcy fees and the essential documentation you will need. However, while the information presented will be very valuable the courts themselves do not provide financial advice or guidance so you will need to look elsewhere for more in-depth personalised information.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer/ Attorney

If you want personalised professional help with bankruptcy then there really is no better option than a bankruptcy lawyer/ attorney. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer like the Best Bankruptcy Attorney In Los Angeles will be able to give you professional advice tailored to your unique situation.

There are so many different variables to take into consideration when it comes to filing for bankruptcy that the only real way to get personalised guidance and support is to contact a bankruptcy lawyer. By hiring a bankruptcy lawyer you will also get legal representation which will help make dealing with the bankruptcy process much easier.

A bankruptcy lawyer will also be able to handle any calls from creditors as well. While this help and support does come with a cost it is usually going to be worth it in the end. Many lawyers specialise in bankruptcy and will be able to offer help and support in many areas so if you need professional assistance getting in contact with a bankruptcy lawyer is highly advisable.

A Financial Advisor

A financial advisor can be a great way to get advice if you are considering bankruptcy and want to get a better idea of what to do and how successful you might be in applying. A financial advisor can also be a good way to avoid potential bankruptcy as well if you struggling with your debts then an advisor will be able to help give you possible ways to reduce them.

However, financial advisors will often be limited in how much they can help you. They often won’t be able to provide the same professional legal advice a bankruptcy lawyer would and how much they’ll be able to help will depend entirely on your circumstances. Meeting with a financial advisor can be quite costly as well so many people might be simply better off using a bankruptcy lawyer for advice and guidance instead.

So, that is a look at some of the methods you can use to get help, support, and advice if you are facing possible bankruptcy. Every method has its pros and cons but looking at them all fairly I think a bankruptcy lawyer is your best chance of getting professional advice that can be tailored to your exact circumstances.