Wi-Fi Dabba, internet service provider faster and cheaper than JIO


India is the only country to impose high tariffs on internet services. It is quiet expensive in India for users avail such services. But its  high demand doesn’t effect business of service providers. With introduction of Reliance JIO, it is expected that other service providers will cut their prices down to maintain their market standing or else every individual willshift to JIO.

WiFi Dabba

Where JIO comes up with such exciting offers for call and internet user, a Bengaluru-based startup comes up with extremely cheap internet services. The company named “Wi-Fi Dabba” offer internet on following prices;

  1. 100 MB for Rs. 2
  2. 500 MB fot Rs. 10
  3. 1GB for Rs. 20 for, all for 24 hours.

Whereas JIO is offering 150MB for Rs. 19 and 1.05GB for Rs. 52. The other service providers are cutting their prices to match JIO and maintain certain share in market. Vodafone and Airtel comes up with almost same packages as JIO so that users don’t switch to other brands.

How Wi-Fi Dabba works

Wi-Fi Dabba services are available at tea stalls and local bakers on the streets of Bengaluru. It works same as hotel internet carriers works. You have to follow a process;

  1. Buy token from the vendor.
  2. And put in a machine.
  3. Feed your mobile number in machine when asked.
  4. It will generate OTP for mobile verification.
  5. Do as the machine says and you will have high speed internet access that last for 24 hours.

The company is registered and duly verified with ISP and uses routers to provide data via fiber optical installed in vendor shop.

The company promise to serve high speed internet data at cheap prices they can. It predicts that many user do not spend minimum Rs. 300 for internet services. Thus, they pay when they need internet and it makes Wi-Fi Dabba a success.

The company has successfully installed 350 connection and has 1800 request pending for installation. It takes 6-7 days by startup to install a connection while company is working hard to cut short period to 3-4 days maximum for installation.

The founder of company makes a statement that “the government will not dot it for you or any service provider will do the same, it is only us who has to take a step ahead”, in an interview.

The company is planning to stretch its boundaries to whole nation to provide high speed internet at cheaper prices.