As good “Wonder Woman” is, but still worst on the box office as compare to Batman/Superman

Wonder Woman

A DC Comic universe which is owned by Warned Bros. And starting icons like the flash, Batman, Superman and other members of the justice league with the return to great DC storytelling on the weekend with a wonder woman.

Wonder woman movie review

The Wonder woman movie review score is 8.2 on IMDb and 76% on the Metacritic.

It became the 1 featured film directed by  woman named Patty Jenkins which cross over the $100 million goal in the US during its first week. But the performance of the wonder women on the box office is actually awesome.

It’s commendable  to see – Man Of Steel, the Flash, Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad and Dawn Of Justice, . All of these movies cross milestone of $100 millions within the first week in the box office. According to the Box office mojo

The Flash,Batman and superman of the most popular hero of all times and they all build-up their audiences.

The box office mojo Found: the film’s awareness as the buzz to grow within a matter of weeks. And  received $38.70 million impressive on Friday.

The wonder woman movie extra earning $122.5 million from outside the US, and total gross is $233 million.The violence and fights in Wonder Woman is amazing.

According to the history of superheroes action movies audiences usually is men.. But in this movie 52% audience is female,that is abnormal in a category which dominated by men.

Wonder women are expected to hit the goal of 300 million in the US and Canada box office, which will put ahead of the  man of steel.

 It also beats down the thor and Captain America from Marvel universe.

In the behind of Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men Origins: Wolverine is terms of  hero origins films.



In short,Wonder Woman’s performance at the box office during the weekend restored the confidence among DC Comic universe. Fortunes increase and decreases very quickly in only 5 weekends in the season. Also the CW Developing Wonder Woman origins TV Series Amazon