11 Small Scale business ideas in Telangana State with Low Investment


Looking for small business ideas in Telangana State? Do you want to start a small scale venture in Telangana with small investment? The post gives powerful ideas from small investment funds and huge profits.

business ideas in telangana

Telangana is a number 1 state for Information Technology (IT) and pharmaceutical sectors, Where 40% of the population from the other state of India and the remaining 60% is Telangana. State Telangana have a huge potential for small-medium business holders of which, the small scale business ideas listed below. Invest with low investment and work consistently on a selected business idea and get huge profits.

11 Small Business Ideas In Telangana

Business is an Idea of gathering trust from users, where you targeting for the people through the services, whatever it is Offline Service or Online Service. Choose a better idea before starting any kind of business. Scaling is the most important part of any kind of business.

  • A better and workable Idea makes you profitable.
  • Scaling factor role leads a powerful control on financial up and downs.
  • Choosing a smart team than you, for better results.
  • Services oriented business always works as per customer feedback. it helps in the growth of the business.
  • Upgradation of business as per the latest trends and situations.
  • Adopting new era technology, and try to minimize human effort, it helps reduce the cost of business.

Village Business ideas in Tamil

1. Website / Blogs Service

How Bloggers and Influencers are Changing the Search Marketing

If you’re passionate about social service or helping the people with important information as a share then you can opt online website or blog services, Where it helps the connect people with appropriate information. Do consistent work on blogs and gain reputation from the users, if your site getting huge traffic you will be paid from different ad sources, for example, Google Adsense, Media.Net, Chitika, other blog monitor ad publishers.

Many of the Students, Housewives, and other business people are commonly opting online business services by choosing a desirable niche/concept. If you’re interested in education concept, then you can check Examdays work in it consistently.

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2. Youtube Videos Making

Youtube videos- online business

One of the most influential videos streaming markets has rapidly day by day, We have many videos streaming online platforms but Youtube has to lead in a number of place in the trust of many billions of billions of people. A Youtube marketer earning per month not less than $1000.00 if you have a passion to provide quality video content, you will reach millions of users in YT. Google has adopted YT and added earning platform to all YT content providers, which are called as Youtubers. Becaming the youtuber is the one of the business ideas in Telangana.

Wanna be joint with them, then choose a desirable concept and start video making and post at least minimum of 1 video daily basis, you will be 1000’s of 1000’s subscribers and view, based on that, YT Ad platform decides payment number. Start earning with Youtube video content.

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3. E-commerce & Affiliate Marketing

E-Commerce is the kind of business, Where integrating all sellers to one platform to sell a different kind of materials of regular uses. Those who want to sell the product’s behalf of the e-commerce site can promote as a third party with a certain percentage of commission, this process is called Affiliate Marketing.

4. Online Skills Sell Business

Online skills selling a business is the most interesting business, Where most talent and skills-oriented people can provide the online service through majority platforms like say, freelancer, Fiverr, SEO clerks, and many others service platforms. It helps to earn the online money from skills selling process. Most of them are seeking quality service from skills persons. If you have a certain kind of skills, then start as a freelancer and start earning.

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5. Offline Business Ideas in Telangana

Person to Person is called offline business, where you can provide the service directly to the person who wants to service. For example Plumber services, Carpenter services, Pet care services, Kirana shop, medical shop, retail marketing, and other offline business.

6. Pet Care Business

Pet Care Business

Everyday pet lovers are increasing in the market, it is important to care pet for various diseases and illness. If you’re passionate to provide service to Pet care then start a small clinic in the best location area and start giving smart services to them slowly increase the reputation and get the profits on them.

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7. Makeup Beauty Services

Make up Tutorials

  • Makeup Beauty service business works anywhere, wherever women want to look most beautiful they can opt for the makeup services. Marriage bridal makeup, party makeup, event makeup, ladies functions, and other events it applicable.
  • Establishing a makeup parlor is also a part of the most profitable business.

8. Ice Cream / Chocolate Business

Ice cream parlor or chocolate room business is best in the market, The best locations for Ice cream parlor is IT sector or crowd locations, It may small and medium prices but it most profitable business if you add to online services like Swiggy, Zomoto, and Uber services. Ice Cream parlor is becoming one of the most profitable business ideas in Telangana.

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9. Psychological Illness Counseling

  • Nowadays the Internet is growing fast, many of them are using the mobile handset for different users, most the under 25 age youth are addicted to mobile, and it leads to mental illness. Due to this many of the parents are opting counselor to prevent mobile from addiction.
  • This is one kind of business, where u can gather mental illness patient to the counseling part, then your will paid from the patient as well as motivator person.

10. Cheap Retail Marketing business

  • The retail business is a regular process, where every home needs a certain kind of food and make regular utility items can available at one place at a cheap price. This kind of business will work in the market, if you provide retail services in cheap or retail prices, people start a trust and able buy in the retail market store.
  • Get the product from directly firm without any third party persons or brokers, it helps to provide products at a cheap price.

11. Recruitment Firm

If you target unemployment in Telangana or entire India level, if you act as a mediator to companies and employee youth, then you will start a consultancy to provide best man force to organizations as per job requirement. For this, you will be a commission from an organization in percentage wise.